a typical summer day

Doesn't Pippi look about how I feel? By this time the air was on as well as the ceiling fan but she still had about every inch of her body exposed to any stray breeze coming her way.

I had hoped to have gotten my SIL Jan's hot air balloon wall hanging quilted in July but that didn't happen. I think I will extend July by another week---if Hanne can do that, then so can I, LOL. Actually it had been my goal list for the past two months. And, I made the goal, so I can revise it---and did. It is a gift for a September birthday in her family so time to "git 'er done".

I stitched in the ditch and free motioned meandered around the balloons in the border. My free motion is not as tight as it once was and there does not seem to be any toe nail catchers--the pace is going better. I am just not as confident in my abilities in that area. It's the actually staring at the cloth and wondering which way to squiggle that gets me. I don't draw and even drawing aimless squiggles that appear like a classic loss meander would not be in my nature. Think there is any hope for me? Not that I have any desire to all over free motion any quilt--that weighs the batting down too much and makes the quilt feel like an army blanket in my opinion. I like 'em fluffier if it's on my bed.

I started quilting the Revamped Medallion that I showed you in a previous post after I finished up with Jan's balloons. I got a goodly amount of it finished too--really just 3 sides of the flying geese on the 3rd border are left to go. I did the ditch stitching at center BUT those super huge tan and blue HST's are going to have to have something else there. Bite the bullet and more free motion??? Cross hatch? I am going to ponder that one for awhile as I work.

Pam asked me in IM what I thought I would work on next. HMMMMM. Good question. There is never a shortage of things that I could do--tons of UFO's both personal and for the kids. Lots of things already cut and kitted up. There is some binding but I am never nuts about doing that--save that for the quilt meeting next week so I won't have to drag my machine. Still debating about handquilting my 30's sampler--could try that even.

BUT like I told Norma , my brain needs the reward of the new and challenging rather than a UFO or kit that I already visited and set aside. I have procrastinated doing said UFO long enough that it inspires some guilt on my part--not always enough to make me want to work on it, however. It antiques some more.

SO perhaps the Cat fabric that Linda S gave me will finally find a way into a quilt "for me"--the stipulation she made when she made the gift. Or the butterfly fabric that I passed out as a group challenge will get cut and stitched into the quilt I have been considering. All up to me but it is coming out of the stash, regardless. Posted by Picasa


  1. I treid one commnet and Blogger ate it! I see you lost the extra pictures, although I can see plenty of Pippi and not get bored!

    I think we should both handquilt out 30's quilts! What do you say to doing it together? I plan to machine sew all the long seams and then hand quitl all the cool white spaces. It just seems like anything made with 30's repro fabrics deserves to be hand quilted. What do you think? Can we keep each other sane and interested?

    Like the balloons, very cute and colorful!!

  2. Cat pelt... (Do you have any linoleum floors - or ceramic tiles... My cats used to love those... The would roll over once it was no longer cool...)

  3. Linda, I love the quilt on your bed! That yellow for the alternate squares is so cheerful and happy. It loks like an antique - original 40's rather than reproductions. Is it? I need to save that picture for "quilt inspiration".

  4. Oh that picture of your cat, he is a darling and that quilt he is laying on is also beautifull.
    Your hot balloon quilt is also a beauty.

  5. Your cat is beautiful laying on the quilt. Love the yellow in the quilt.
    Also..the balloons are pretty too. Such bright colors.

  6. I just love your cat on that quilt.It makes me want to join him.The balloon quilt is just darling and the border is perfect.

  7. I want to steal Pippi's quilt!

  8. Wow, that hot air balloon quilt is really neat. Love it!!!

  9. I love the variability of the baloons in your quilt. Way to go!

  10. The balloon quilt is lovely - as is Pippi on your bed quilt :-)
    I am committing myself to do 1 hour daily on my least beloved quilt through August. If you have something to join me with, be my guest. An Ufo maybe ? ;-)

  11. Hi Linda, tried to comment this morning,but Blogger wasn't having it!! So here I am again.

    The hotair balloons look really nice. Love the pieced balloon part..*VBS* I totally hear you about the meandering...I've had a couple done where they were meandered so densely I thought they could stand alone!!

    I do hope you jumped in and worked on your wonderful fat cat fabrics.
    I'm just back from my consultation with the dentist. Sure is a world of difference between the "top" and the "bottom" plans. I'll have to think about it for a while before I commit to anything.
    Maybe I can actually get my mind on something else soon!!
    Love the bowtie quilt with the yellow background..and Pippi looks soooo comfortable laying there..*S*

  12. Pippi does look like I have felt these last few days (and I suppose a like a lot of us!)

    I love your hot air balloons! Balloons are one of my faborite subjects. Where did you get the pattern?

  13. Glad to hear you are considering working on a quilt for yourself! Let this be the month!

  14. I am with you LJ, not quite sure which project I am going to work on next either..plenty of choices however. I am sure you will find inspiration soon enough...once you feel cooler huh?

  15. Oh my goodness LJ, your bed is made!!! LOL LOL that is the first thing I noticed when I saw this post. Sorry, but hey, what are bestest pals for if not to tell the truth???

  16. The balloon quilt turned out quite nice! And I like the bow tie that Pippi is so relaxed on too. :)

  17. Love the bow tie quilt :) My son said cute cat also :) xoxo melzie

  18. Love the balloon quilt - such fun :)

  19. Are you going to try Judy L's plan? That might give the little boost to make something for yourself.
    Love the balloon quilt.
    It's funny-when a longarmer quilts a quilt, we often try to "quilt it to death" with no large areas left undone. Not a lot of poof left. It's good to hear from a different perspective.


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