Jul 16, 2006

Before and after

Okay, I am going to post the "BEFORE" shot of Betsy's quilt again so you can compare them side by side or more like top and bottom. Finn said that the quilt as it is shown, is from a book called One Block Says It All. Those outer half square triangles are pretty large but it does fill out the top nicely and made a wonderful bedsized quilt. A little big for our needs but it is scaled back, the large HST's repurposed and Sarah will include the other leftovers into something wonderful along the way. Did you catch Finn's comments about it on my previous post? It made me smile. "Boy that quilt top has alot of fabric in it...LOL. I've never seen it spread out like that before. Betsy finished it up while on retreat, bundled it in a lump and stuffed it in her tote. Once it was home, she lost it completely, about 4 or 5 years ago...LOLI think it's going to serve the best possible purpose. Can hardly wait to see what it grows up to be..*VBS* "

Thanks to Thangles and recutting the already sewn blue and print HST's I squeezed out a round of 3 inch HSTs around what became a medallion center. The brown print border was reused though smaller. The flying geese rearranged just a little bit and the outside border scaled back to 3 inch finished. Betsy did all the work---I just put it all back together again. I hope that the fabric show up better when you open the picture. What looks like gray is a nice plaid piece with the tans and navy blues, etc but the picture is not picking that up. The background is a nice shirting with a red.

It is still fairly good sized--about 73 square and was all Quilt Holder could do to hold it out arm span. Plus the poor guy was having to hear instructions about--"get out from behind the entertainment center as I cannot see one side" and "try to hold it up straight on the left hand corner. " I knew I better hurry and get the shot taken especially if he is going to have to hold it up once it is quilted. I still need to get some backing and binding fabric together for it but that can wait. Definitely one for the boys--thanks to Finn and Betsy!

I have to tell a story on myself though about the assembly process. I had the top-bottom sides on but as I was measuring for the sides I kept getting several different measurements and told DJ I needed his bedroom floor a minute. After crawling around on my hands and knees the oven timer went off and the top was set aside. We finished the meal and I was heading back to the sewing room to finish up. It went something like this--------

Linda: I forgot what I was supposed to cut that last border!
DJ : Didn't you write it down?
Linda: Of course not, I was in your room and the timer went off and thought I would remember.
DJ: "The "old" Linda would have remembered.

Now that was NOT a crack about my impending birthday next month or age. I have always been told that I have a fantastic memory for this and that -- it is becoming less so as the brain cells leach away with all the useless stuff that is crammed in there. He teases me that he will have to start paying closer attention to where he parked the car and so forth since he relies on me to keep him straightened out. I didn't tell him about my trying to get into someone else's tan car the other day at Walmart only to find I was parked two more down so no wonder my key and remote didn't work. Right row though, LOL.

Off to get groceries--if you gotta go for a couple of things (cat litter primarily), might as well get them all. Heat index is supposed to be like 110 today---boy, I dislike summer but I know we are not the only ones baking their brains out right now.

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  1. Looks great! Super recycling of an unwanted top!

    Boy can I relate to the memory thing!

  2. In spite of your leaching brain cells, you did one heck of a job on that quilt! Be careful or Finn's bear will try and snatch it!

  3. Wow...wow...wow!! Wonder Woman strikes again! You are one amazing re-purposer as well as an all around top maker!!!

    I just called Betsy and gave her the address for your blog so she can see for herself. I could print off the picture, but I felt she needed to dip her feet into the waters of BlogLand..*VBS*

  4. Oh Linda - I can not at all notice you are short of brain cells ;-) You have done an absolutely wonderful job with this top and turned it from one gorgeous top to another just as gorgeous and more user friendly top. You are my hero !

  5. Very well done job!! I like it better afterwards. It's tighter and more concise but somehiw even more lively. All that oversized pattern spaced it out too much. Did you have to re-do all those flying geese? They look smaller somehow. Did you just cut them down?

    Great job either way!! Perfect for some nice young man!

  6. Stay under the A/C. Enjoy your quilting. Flying geese are my favorite.

  7. That turned out neat! I'm looking forward to seeing what else is done with the rest of the material.

    It's been hot here too, makes me glad I don't work outdoors, and can stay in and quilt!

  8. love how this top came together...way to go LJ.

  9. What a great top, Linda. It's going to finish up so nice.

    I believe that those of us that have reached a certain age have way too much information in our brains. Every time we get something new in there, something old has to go. Unfortunately, the old is important sometimes. I've been told I have a Trivial Pursuit brain. I'm taking it as a compliment. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  10. Beautiful quilt. You are darn amazing!

  11. How beautiful. I love the colors.

  12. we're baking too, if that makes you feel better!

    Quilt looks good!

  13. Looks great. My memory is fading too. I was told my mind was like a steel trap, but I think it has sprung loose.


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