Jul 14, 2006

before shot

This is the "BEFORE" shot of a quilt top that Finn sent on behalf of her friend Betsy for the quilt group to use for our kids quilts--the boys, for sure.

It is a bit large for our needs and I had their permission to use it as we saw fit. A few weeks ago, I got it down to the approx, 40 inch square at center and was able to salvage enough of the blue and white print to make HST's and treat this like a medallion quilt.

Well, I have been sewing the better part of the day and still do not have it done for the "AFTER" shot---all that remains is the last border with the blue print but I'm trimming it down narrower first. It will still be good sized but not big enough for a full sized bed as shown. So maybe tomorrow afternoon I can get this thing finished. I am considering working on one of my UFO's Terry Atkinson's "Hopscotch" after that---boy colors on that one. It looks like a version of Monkey Wrench but she may have a different way to assemble it and I have not tried the pattern before---been a long time since I kitted it up, can't remember. Get those creative juices revved up. I just do not feel like working on anything half done or "have to" at the moment when that sort of thing can wait. LOL, it waited this long!

There are pieces left on the Betsy revamped star top that I will probably turn over to Sarah and let her work her magic---HSTs for pinwheels or whatever, extra square in squares and flying geese, big squares that were used as cornerstone. She can figure it out, LOL. I think there was a fat quarter of two or leftover yardage that can go with it.

Thank you all for your positive comments about the round robin section I showed yesterday. Tomorrow morning is the hand off. Another one will come home with me for me to agonize over for the next month or so. I was in IL in May when the group last met so I haven't seen many of these lately--that part will be fun. I have seen two in my group in consultation -- that is permissible as long as it is NOT my own. You just hope that the person who receives it later likes what you have done.

Other than that--I have not been out of the house except to the outside utility room that serves as my pantry. It is HOT and sticky and a typical summer day. This afternoon we had some pop up tstorms with an inch of rain ---that put a halt to computer and sewing for a short time. Think I will shut down and go read for a bit---I'm several chapters into Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons and it is time to get the feet up. Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi ho...I think putting your feet up for awhile is a great idea!! That plus some "down time" to work on something just for the heck of it..*VBS*

    Boy that quilt top has alot of fabric in it...LOL. I've never seen it spread out like that before. Betsy finished it up while on retreat, bundled it in a lump and stuffed it in her tote. Once it was home, she lost it completely, about 4 or 5 years ago...LOL
    I think it's going to serve the best possible purpose. Can hardly wait to see what it grows up to be..*VBS*

  2. Great job Linda! And I LOVE your RR quilt below as well!!!

  3. Why were the housewives angry if they were eating bon bons?

  4. sounds like you're busy busy busy finishing quilt tops that others have started... Enjoy!

  5. sounds like a happy day stitching away for you gf! catch you over the weekend...

  6. Marvelous!!! Very beautiful also the RR :)))

  7. I Love the quilt on the bed, they just cheer up a room.sounds like you have been busy. Enjoy your book...

  8. Oh, I love the way the top looks laying on the bed - how generous of Finn to let it go. Don't know whether I could have done that. I'm very curious to see how you have changed it.

  9. I too like the way it looks, and am curious to see the "after" picture. I'm sure that whatever you did to it will be very nice. And you get leftover pieces to do something else.
    You asked about needlepunch. I haven't tried that, but it does look really interesting. I've seen a couple of shows on QNN about needlepunch, and was very tempted to start something else. When I go to the fabric shop, my eyes do wander around to other fabric that would be great for this technique.

  10. Well, Betsy's quilt is pretty amazing to begin with so I can imagine what all that great work and the resulting fabrics will make a nice alternate quilt too!

    Can't wait for the "after" shot. I can comiserate on working and working on one thing and feeling as if you are never going to get done! The binding on my quilt is taking forever to sew down!!

  11. I am really looking forward to the After photo. You do such beautiful work.

  12. I love the "hopstocth" pattern you are planning on working on. I find that Atkinson Designs makes such nice patterns. They are usually simple enough to make and look more complex once they are done! My favorite kind of quilt!


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