next time, listen!

I am happy dancing at the completion of my part of the round robin. I took the last stitch in it at 11 last night. Not the best picture since the stuff behind it on the book shelf is bulging it out. Trust me, it lays flat and measures 41 square---or darned close to it, LOL.

Next time I should listen to the that small voice that told me I should sew the nine patches together first and then cut and sew the spacer. The math of this was just confusing the heck out of me Sunday when Cher, Pam and I were collaborating. Why should I have trusted myself that it was right? I should have heeded that old carpenter axiom of "measure twice and cut once".
BUT NO----I did the opposite. Then when I laid the 7 nine patches against the quilt--1/2 inch too long. I forgot the seam allowance somewhere along the line. SIGH--off went the afternoon's work. By 10 I had the spacers re-cut, sewn on and was getting ready to sew on the top patches. DJ asked me how much longer I intended to sew. I truly was going to just do the top row and then decided nope, I would keep plugging and be done with it. By 11 p.m. if he wasn't asleep I was ready to let loose with a whoop and a holler. I am sick that I mis-cut her $9/yard focus print but maybe someone can use the 1 1/2 inch strips down the line.

By the time I went to bed I must have still been too wound up--just laid there till almost night, got up and opened up some used books that came in the mail (two of Lorna Landvik's--Angry Housewives Eating Bon-bons and Welcome to the Great Mysterious). I was tempted to start reading. Instead I pulled out some quilt books because Aline is looking for some pattern ideas for a 25th wedding anniversary quilt. I have a few ideas but I think she said applique. Finally by 1 I was able to get settled down a bit.

SO I could sew anything I want today--and what will it be?? I have let the papers pile up around here and need to clear my desk, gas up the car, pick up my meds, and run a bank errand. Best do that stuff first. There are quilts to quilt and 3 to bind but I believe it might be re-purposing Betsy's top--the biggest part of it is already done, after all. The other quilting will still be there staring me in the face since it stacked up in the sewing room instead of the bedroom out of sight. Couple days of sewing will be fun! Posted by Picasa


  1. I like the way your border turned out. It lightens up the center that was starting to get very dark.

  2. Isn't it so frustrating when you miscalculate. I must admit though that some of my most creative moments come when I compendate for these "oops"... Your border turned out beautiful.

  3. The RR top looks fantastic. I love how the newly added green makes your eye go back to the center, then the spacer pulling your eye outward, and then the 9 patches just anchor the green and the blue from the center. A lot like stepping stones. I don't think anything else you did would work as well...great job!!! Sorry about the late hours and lack of sleep.Happens to all of us though. *VBS*

  4. Looks great. You did a good job brightening up that very dark center. I'm sure you are glad it's done!

  5. One of the reasons I don't join round robins is having to figure out how to do the math on whatever creative border I have come up with, and then worrying if it is something the recipient will like. Congratulations on getting yours done.

  6. I should just say Ditto to everything Finn said, she beat to to it!!

    Perfect! Perfect! It's just right. Light enough to breathe some life back into a very dark center, pulls out the floral black and then makes it dance and move again and look happy. The blues and oranges pull it all together!

    I'm sure someone can use the strips at some point. Excellent job!

  7. Wonderful job of the round robin! I believe that Gary will be very pleased! *VBS*

    Good job fixing your borders. I still have to un-pick mine. I am really getting tired of the project that I am working on but I am trying to stay focused to get it finished. .........perhaps this weekend.

  8. LJ, that turned out great! Very much like we talked about, sorry about the math issues...dang math anyway! Be proud my pal, you done good!

  9. I think it came out smashing! well done LJ

  10. You really brightened up that quilt. I love the nine patch, it looks good just about anywhere.

  11. It looks great! Enjoy sewing "anything you want" today!

  12. I like how your border breaks up the darkness (tying back in with the center block).




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