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I am done for the day and can cross two quilts quilted off my July list. With time winding down for the month, I know that my goals to piece a few tops are not going to be met. Then I ask myself "have you ever gotten completed all of those?" Heck, no! Those are just a suggestion of things that could be done. It is like my husband's response when I start with the " I have to do this, have to do that......." He says "who gave you all those jobs?" Oh, yeah, it was me. That realization grounds me in a big hurry. I can un- assign some of that stuff--- just as easy. Round robins, binding and quilting have taken a chunk of time this month--a little piecing as well.

Yesterday afternoon we had several bands of wind and rain come through--enough to have to turn off the computer and the sewing machine. Long enough to have to find something else to do. My husband took a nap. I was looking at a cookbook, did some redwork and went out in the kitchen and made a Fluffernutter pie and thought about starting our dinner prep. He took one look at me and said I needed to learn how to relax. He does have a point.

After supper I was able to get back to quilting. I left off last night with one block and binding to go on Aline's string quilt ( left or above?)--easy enough to finish up that today. Of course the hand finishing is not done yet so you do not get a clear pictue on just what this one looks like.

I started the 2nd top soon after--also Aline's tops. A lot of the same colors and prints in both quilts. Easy one to quilt---lock in the blocks, the borders and mark the diagonal lines--zoom lines. I like the darker binding and the scrappy border on this one.

Tomorrow will be grocery errand day and once I get home I am going to concentrate on getting my 30's sampler backing together and backing for the revamped Medallion quilt I shared with you this past week. There is some binding to cut and press as well.

AND I should come to some conclusion about what block we will do for our BOM this month. I've got some things pulled and in a notebook for us. I'm thinking a simple sail boat but I am sure that my decision has been influenced by the sailing themed blocks on the perpetual calendar that sits atop my computer, LOL.

Hope you all are having a good weekend out there in bloggerland. Posted by Picasa


  1. Great job! I really like those. :)

  2. Smart looking quilts! I like them. I still say rainy weather is God's way of making us slow down....even it meaning turning off the sewing machine.

    You'll have to show us some of your redwork sometimes...

  3. You always have quilts to show us - things you have been working on, so you seem to always be very productive.

    That first string quilt looks hard to make with all those bias edges in the corners, but that adds a lot of interest. The second one looks good to, in a plainer way. I really like the scrappy border too, thanks for pointing it out. I never thought of using long pieces for a scrappy border. Such a good idea.

  4. Nice quilts. You are always so (sew) busy.

  5. I think this is the first time I have visted your blog - I am loving the colors in your quilts. Thanks so much for posting pictures - I am inspired.

  6. I like both of your quilts, but especially the clever arrangement of the strippy blocks in the first one.

  7. great stashbuster quilts! and I love the comment your hubby made about "who gave you those jobs?" sounds SO much like me! I "have" so much to do--all self inflicted of course! :) thanks for the smile! and glad to hear there are others out there like me.

  8. I like those quilts. I often do the strip borders with left over strips. I always run around like a crazy chicken trying to finish all these projects,but really, like your husband said,we give ourselves all the jobs and act as if it's a boss.LOL!

  9. I'm intrigued by the unusual arrangment of that string quilt. If I hadn't (gasp!) tossed all my strings in a fit of cleaning I might be tempted to do one similar.

    Doesn't it feel good to cross stuff off your list? But you know your hubby is right. I know I have the same problem with assigning tasks to myself and then getting upset because I don't get them done. So I've just quit doing it and am learning to be content with whatever I can manage to get done. Believe me there's MUCH less stress this way.

  10. What great colors - not a thing that I would have in my stash unfortunately,but I love the string quilts. And you make ME tired LOL! You're right, we have to remember to slow down and enjoy the process.

  11. Love the colors in these two quilts Linda. Fall is my favorite season - and that's just what these look like.

    Your husband is right - I can remember my mother telling me I needed to learn to relax. It's just so impossible to sit still and do nothing - don't you agree?

  12. Arggg! I lost a long comment! Anyway... I totally agree with DJ..I've never heard it put quite like that, but WE do assign all those jobs to ourselves and we can certainly un-assign them too. I have the worst time sitting without any sewing in my hands! I had to MAKE myself stop the other night so I could paint my nails. Wet nails and sewing do not mix...but without them painted I lose them all, and I like nails...

    The quilts are again, just lovely! I really like the different color scheme in these!

    PS: Is anyone else getting really long and strange verification words? Like 10 letters and I can hardly read half the letters! ARGGG!

  13. Great quilts, Linda. Blogger didn't cooperate yesterday, so I'm posting now.

  14. These are both nice quilts. I like string quilts myself and I love getting a second quilt out of the fabric leftovers - what I call 2 for 1 quilts.


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