Jul 6, 2006

lazy day

If you only knew how unusual it was for Pippi to be up on her alternate perch lately. She has possibly spent about an hour up there when she first came from being boarded after our trip in May. I put her up there so she can watch the birds, she jumps down almost immediately. You used to like it up there so what's the deal-e-o??? My theory is that today, she is liking the higher position than her catnip scratchy box in the living room because she had some visitors of the canine variety.

I heard something rustling around in the front bushes and looked to see two dogs--medium to large sized ones. One reddish and stockily built that looked like he had some lab in him and his companion, white with one black side of his face like that dog in "Down and Out in Beverly Hills" kinda. No collars on each. Not barking really, just trying to be friendly. Might be loose from the nearby subdivision or might have been dumped. Pippi was not frightened of them though and just pulled her sniff at the door, turn her backside, walk over to the scratchy box routine that she does with the neighborhood cat. I put her up in the perch in here and she has stayed keeping a watchful eye out for their return. DJ saw them too when he got home from the golf course. I was given strict orders not to feed them or given them any water---yeah, like I have any dog food around here. I don't hear any barking frenzy going on with the other neighborhood dogs so they must have moved on.

I like dogs but prefer cats. I hate to see any animal suffer though and it makes me sick when they are mistreated and abandoned. Just read the book by John Grogan "Marley and Me" over the last two evenings. DJ came in to tell me "good night" and I was bawling my eyes out. The story had followed Marley through puppyhood thru his senior citizenry and its inevitable conclusion.

Cher asked me this morning what I had planned for the day. I'm still binding--if I would stop reading blogs etc and kept my fingers busier on the stitching than the keyboard I might be closer to done. I didn't intend to keep working on this quilt but I am getting closer to done with it so I may keep plugging. There are enough quilts in the other room that need labels sewn on and other binding that I could keep at it for a week or more. We have a cooler day today with cloud cover and some breeze so the a/c is not even on yet so I'm guessing that I won't be quilting--concentrate on the hand work instead.

I thought I might share a couple more of the quilts from last weeks meeting since I have nothing of my own recent completion to share. These are two quilts that Jane turned in for the Girls Ranch. Nice and scrappy on the one on the left. I love that little heart she put in the border for a little surprise.

She used a neat print as the focus fabric on the other one with a variation of a horizontal strippie quilt we use for quick quilts. Kind of a Chinese Coin element as well. This one the fun of little blue squares in the outside border in it for interest. My mom and I were joking how a lot of quilts seem to wear tennis shoes. Not so much hands on this but definitely, shoes, LOL.

Well, it is probably time for lunch (reheated vegetable beef barley soup--gotta love leftover pot roast that you can pull from the freezer and re-purpose for a couple more meals. Plenty of soup left so it will head to the freezer too. The meal that keeps on giving *VBG*) TTYL


  1. That's funny about quilts wearing tennis shoes. And how true!

  2. my cats have "changed" too... make me sad, I used to be able to count on one thing, now he can't be bothered.

  3. Can't wait to read the book, my Mom says it's a definte tear jerker. It's a real talent for that person that can write words to create such emotions...

  4. Your ladies do make wonderful quilts for the girls at the ranch.

    I've got a tear jerker for you, if you want another pet book. Find this one if you want a good cry.

    "A Cat Named Darwin: How a stray cat made a man a human being"

    It's about a guy who takes in a stray and what happens when the cat gets ill. I havebn't read it yet, but hubby read it over and over and loves it!

  5. Book's author is William Jordan.

  6. Hi Linda, I love your cats and your quilts they are very beautiful :)))

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for the correction. You're right, it is called Morning Star. I fixed it on my blog, and now your comment looks strange.

    You're right it does look like those quilts are wearing tennis shoes. If I were an art quilter, I might do something about making a quilt wearing tennis shoes.

    Also right about how addictive reading blogs is. It does take away some quality quilting time, but it is fun to see what everyone is up to. I'm working on finding the right balance.

  8. Lucky cat to have that soft big perch in the window.

    I also read Marley & Me and loved it. Excellent book.

  9. Two more neat quilts - and nice shoes they're wearing too!

  10. Thanks for the compliment on my son.I thought you saying quilts wear tennis shoes was so funny.I like thos stripy quilts. Your cat looks so comfy on his bed. Maybe my Chi would like one of those.I'd have to put it on a low window. I had an indoor cat for 10 years and she's been gone for 8 years and I still miss her like crazy.

  11. Tell Jane the quilts are looking very good from here :-) I need to get to work at the sewing machine, now.

  12. How old is Pippi? She looks "kittenish" compared to my two mooses, Rocky and Natasha!!! She is adorable.

  13. Really fun scrap quilts, Linda. It's nice to know that while they appear simple to us, they may look like heaven to a child...*VBS*. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hope it has gotten cooler for you, altho I suspect there are months of heat ahead down there. I'll have to do a mapquest and see how far you are from everything else..including the Gulf.


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