Jul 3, 2006

#10 and holiday quilts

Quilt #10 of 12 quilted but binding not done. The top was made by an unknown quilter in Oregon and donated to Cher's Portland Piecers group. She sent me part of it to re-purpose as it was too large for their needs. Cher, I assume that you kept the other half or section for your use? All that red and blue and it looks a bit patriotic too.
There are upholstery fabrics in it, that bumpy stuff used to make dresses in years past and cottons. I am guessing the fabric spans a couple decades---50's through 70's?? What do you all think?

Now here is the curious thing. DJ came by the sewing room as I was working on it and said that he really like this one. I tried to figure out just why that was as the workmanship is far from perfect--some of the blocks are a good 1/2 inch away from joining etc. "All the mix of colors and it just looks like a quilt" Well, Darlin' , what the heck have I been making with all those others then? HMMMM. It definitely looks like something from years gone by to me. Maybe that's it--it looks more like the quilts he may have grown up with, the "make do" ones. Though I see flowers, pinks and some butterflies maybe this should go to the boys if he likes it?? I don't think it screams "girl"

Some of my quilts in the patriotic vein. This is the "Multiseasonal Banner" from Katrina Designs though the flag is NOT the one that came with the pattern. I foundation pieced this one but may have even drawn it up myself as I used something similiar in a BOM block. Who remembers or who really cares? The center little quilt has velcro loop tape on the back so you can change out the center.

I have made a few different sections of my own and really intend to make some more---like I never got the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas ones done but did make the multipurpose house. The Heart and Shamrock were my ideas as was the flag. The picture I tried to take of the pattern itself was intended to show you what lays ahead but I didn't account for the flash going off it would appear.

The last picture on the post is my Debbie Mumm "USA" banner that is a tad too big to hang anywhere in my house. Several of us in the Bama Belles group made these--this is my version.

I also have a "Little Quilts" flag around here somewhere--probably packed away with the decorations in the utility room. The door between the kitchen and utility rooms was taken down and that is where I used to hang it. I also used to put stuff up above my buffet in the kitchen AND atop the buffet--that's gone too as we put another cabinet atop it for storage purposes. Needless to say, my desire to decorate for the seasons kinda flew out the window.

So I'll be off for groceries soon. It might be an extended holiday weekend but it's still a Monday and that means errands to those places that remained open. It was interesting to read Anne B's account to how they celebrate their national holiday. Check my last post if you would like to read.

Over the weekend my grandmother fell while attempting to walk about 5 feet without her walker. She has been living with my aunt and was left unattended just long enough for the accident to happen. She suffered an incomplete fracture of her hip and had surgery yesterday to repair it. If you would, please keep my mom, aunt and grandma in your thoughts and prayers . Thank you.


  1. love the idea of a wallhanging with interchangable centres for holidays. Neat

  2. I will keep your mom, aunt, and especially your grandmother in my toughts and prayers.

    Thanks for sharing your patriotic quilts. I especially like the quilt with the changeable centers.

    Like you, I need to run errands and get groceries today too! I really dislike grocery shopping and consider it a necessary evil!

  3. Hope you got some good hot dogs, potato salad and watermelon for the big day tomorrow. I didn't make it to the store. Can I come over?

  4. I have to agree with DJ, this one appeals to me too!

  5. Oh, best wishes to your grandma!!! Hope all is well.

    Meanwhile, that quilt doesn't scream girl to me, either- and I think it must be the tme period that appeals to DJ- it does look like something my grandma might have made back in the 60s...

  6. Quilt #10 is one of a kind!

    Hope your Grandmother is doing OK and that she heals quickly.

  7. I think you are right on the dating LJ, that quilt was so maverick! I knew we all would get a kick out of turning it into a quilt for the kids-boys or girls will both enjoy it I am sure.

  8. Well, ditto with hubbys personal appeal. I do REALLY like this one! It's just something about it that really makes it look like it was hand pieced together and made from all sorts of things. Probably because of the type of fabrics and the differences in patterns that it looks so much like the older patchwork "make do" quilts from long ago.

    Prayers will go out for your family. Falls can be so quick and harmful at that age. Hope the recovery is quick and as painless as possible!

  9. I also like the quilt :-) It is a tad on the male side though. Happy July 4th to you and yours !


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