Jul 19, 2006

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Pippi posing in the hallway

I am not at all sure what the attraction is but this is her new spot to hangout. She almost got stepped on in the middle of the night potty run so I wish she do that only during the day light hours. Who knows with a cat? Lately though it the hallway in the mornings and then her perch. Evenings, often out on the catnip scratchy box watching TV with DJ. Lord knows, the little basket in here is out as well as access to the cutting/pressing table till those quilts move from atop it.

Not much going on here because I spent all day binding the Pink Mennonite Bowties from several posts back. (Click on the link if you wish to go look). Finn made most of the blocks---I assembled and quilted it.

In between I was trying every which way from Sunday to get some digital photos uploaded to the Sony Image Station site yesterday--almost 30 of them. I had recently bought a Cybershot so go a total of 120 free prints if I use it and shipping is only 99 cents for a few more days---go for it, I thought. With pokey old dial up I was ready to pull out my hair. The software would inevitably tell me that the pic was not there and try again---then lo and behold there would be three of the same one in the folder. I finally figured out that I had better luck going through Picassa and uploading but that was sloooooooooooow going and only half of them loaded. Not a good day in computerland. Got behind on my blog reading so will have to go see what y'all are up to.

Walked this morning and then met a friend in town to pick up some purple hulled peas from her garden. I'm a Yankee so she had to give me some cooking instructions. They need to be hulled, podded or whatever you call it--out of the purple outside holder. DJ is going to get some Southern cooking tomorrow---I just got the buttermilk for cornbread, etc to go with it. Now if I could find some fresh from the garden slicing tomatoes, we would be good to go.

My mom said that my grandmother had shown some improvement yesterday--sounds as though she is more wakeful and eating/drinking better. Actually she sounded downright feisty and more like herself . The staff and my mom and aunt have a better handle on what is going on since they did some blood tests. Barring any further complications, I believe she will try to head home on Friday. Thanks for keeping them all in your thoughts and prayers. Surgery is tough at any age but worse in the elderly--not so quick to bounce back or sometimes, not at all.

Where are the quilt pictures, you ask? Not to disappoint you with only kitty eye candy.

This is one from early in the year--some of you may remember it, others not. Shelina, THIS is the "Double Attic Window" which also uses Lois' embroidered blocks. I call the one I just finished and posted Monday(?) "Picture Frame". Still have not quite nailed down what I want to do with the remaining 9 blocks but Lois said she has a bunch more if I want them or someone in the group wants to try their hand at it.

The day is about half gone already--how did that happen? I am going to start the binding on the Friendship Star with alternating chains as it is the last one to bind --temporarily anyway. Maybe by Thursday or Friday, I'll be ready to start quilting my stack and have something newer to show you. Or more binding to parcel out to the helpers come next meeting.

Stay cool-----

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  1. I think the peas are 'shelled'. You are in for a treat.. they are delicious and good for you. Sounds like you are enjoying the air conditioning and quilting..

  2. one of my cat's hangs out in the hallway in the winter -- I think there must be an air curret from a reigister where she lays. Maybe yours is just trying to keep cool.... Glad that your family seems to be recovering...

  3. Sorry, read your first post too fast. So you made a double Attic Window and a Picture Frame quilt. You can use your leftover squares for a quilt and name it Pictures in the Attic.

  4. Cat's are so funny. Mine will find a spot and claim it as theirs and lay there exclusively for about 3 days. Then they pick another spot and lay there for 3 or 4 days and then on to the next spot. George has decided the floor beside my side of the bed makes a nice spot. I've almost stepped on him 3 times the last few days in the middle of the night. Hopefully he'll move on to a new spot soon.

  5. Good news about your grandmother. And--what a doll that Pippi is!!!

  6. Your cat looks so comfy and big.LOL! Where did you get her perch. I want to get my Chihuahua one.She's too short and has to really stretch that body on tip toes to look out the window. I had trouble with Picasa to.I like the #11 ufo. Never seen anything like it. Looks 3D.

  7. Noodle likes to sleep at night somtimes on the bathroom rug right in the door. It's just the room with the tub and toilet so it's not any bigger than that and I step on him EVERY time he does it!

    Silly cats have reasondmpkhqc none of us would ever understand!!

  8. cats have reasons...

    Silly word verification word typed up in the comment!

  9. Hi Linda
    just stopping by to say hi! Hope you are getting alot of quilting done!

  10. Nice to see your post..*VBS* And I love the look of your Attic Windows. That double frame is very attractive and makes the quilt really special looking.

    Of course I'm very fond of the look of the picture frames too. Yesterday I think I saw Dot at Rantala Rags putting embroidered blocks as centers for a pineapple blossom in pinks. Really a neat look too.
    Sounds like you are making good progress to wiping out that July Goals list! So far I'm not doing so great on my list..LOL

  11. Ohh, I really like purple hull peas - do you have any ham to cook in with them for flavor?

    My cats like to collapse and spread out right in the path of where you're walking too - I've developed a night-time kitty shuffle to avoid tromping a tail. Although if I did actually step on a tail, maybe they'd learn... with their night vision they can certainly see ME coming.

  12. stopping by to say hey...glad you are making progress and love that your grandma is perking up!


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