Jul 1, 2006


Speaking of the 422 quilts my mom has made--here is the top in question. Nice and scrappy---I believe she said she sewed and cut her way through " a large shopping bag of binding ends, miscuts etc., a couple of shoe boxes and a 2 gallon freezer bag". Sure made a pretty quilt! For the last few years she has sent some quilts to Novgorod, Russia by way of the Fellowship of Christian Farmers which has their headquarters in their little town in IL. This will be heading there as it is large and more bedsized which the matrons have indicated is a better options for their facility.

I have to wonder if that tension rod and clips would work at my house. How wide is my hallway anyway? Could you imagine DJ's being put out of Quilt Holder position! Lately I have put a few on his bedroom floor which is the biggest expanse of floor space in the house for those quick snaps. He may get a little tired of me tracking strings in there too BUT what ammunition when he acts so put out about holding one up for me. In all fairness, he doesn't gripe all the time so it must just be bad timing on my part.

Okay, the batting question for Finn, Judy and my mom. We use Hobb's polyester 3.3 oz (their lowest loft) , 48 inch x 60 yards and order 4 at a time--we just opened the third roll (2nd roll was opened in late April. ) This stuff is not all wiry like some I have seen--rather soft actually. The quilts will be a little puffy and cuddly plus stand up to the washing. That may be frowned on by the quilting purist but I believe that is why the ditch stitching makes the block components stand out more. I do like 80-20 for my own stuff--ha, like I do my own stuff--depending on the project. Of course the quilting does mash it down a bit--what I might struggle to get under the feed dogs at first is easier in the middle of the project. We did try a roll of 80-20 at one point that Susan got for us in error--while one girl may have an allergy problem to the poly and another who free motions is not fond of it at all, most of us prefer the puffiness part since it is for the kids.

So, soon time to go walk. Except for the shoes not being on I am at least remotely ready. Been up since 6--sorted and started the laundry, dressed for a change, picked up my room and even made the bed, LOL. A few things in the sewing room need putting away but I'll be back to quilting these last four in the stack over the holiday weekend. Then, no excuses---it will have to be round robin time. Posted by Picasa


  1. Ohohoh, I LOVE the tension rod and clips! Especially since the clips can slide/adjust to different size quilts. I'm going to cruise around the house and find a good location for that kind of set up.
    Jeanne :)

  2. tension rod... TENSION rod.... what a WOINDEFUL idea! Thanks!!!

  3. I had to smile when you talked about the batting you use in your own quilts. I have yet to see you quilt for anyone other than to donate to a charitable organization! I wonder if you own much of your own work. You are very generous with your time and supplies in quilting for others! ...an inspiration to us all!

  4. Thanks for the batt answers. I normally use cotton, and often use Warm and Natural on the big roll from JoAnne's for machine quilting. I use Request weight in ??QUilters Cream?? for hand quilting stuff..thinner. But I have to get white fort he Aunt betty because I want the white to stay really white!!

    I like what you use, it suits you projects and works wonderful for your quilts!!

    Like the idea. I don't have the doorway that big. I pin mine to the wall in my outer hallway or get MY quilt hanger in service!!

  5. Isn't it amazing what beauty can come from scraps, miscuts and binding ends?!? I really like that quilt.

  6. Great quilt that your mom sent the picture of. I have no problems playing with the bits and pieces...just a good playtime for me..*VBS*

    Thanks for sharing the batting information. I don't think I have a store that sells Hobbs, but will keep it in mind when I'm catalog shopping.
    You really were an up and at 'em girl today....and I thought I was doing good to be up before 7..LOL

  7. Lovely scrap quilt. We do not get good polyester batting here. I do like 80/20 or Warm and Natural 100 % Cotton. Over the years I have used a lot of different battings, depending on what we could get here. One should use what one like be it polyester or cotton. When I hand quilted my Dear Jane quilt Hobbs Thermore was the only thin batting we could get here. Today we can get Quilter's Dream request too. Times are changing - and so are we - constantly :-)

  8. catching up with you gf. love how the quilting made the friendship star quilt even better! and love your new fabric choices.


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