Jul 8, 2006

scrappy inspirations

Nope, not mine. Mom just finished this oh, so scrappy top. The block is The Frugal Patch from Quilter's Cache pages but she is calling it AKA Trip down Memory Lane because of the fabric bits from previous sewing---old curtains for me, a dress from my grandma, bits from family and WTIL quilts, a cobbler apron for my niece. It represents about a weeks work of sewing and cutting. She said in her email that all the fabric was from the bits and pieces around the house in bags or shoe boxes, so you might say it is a "found" quilt. Much like what Patti has been doing with her "Broken Dishes" quilt and what she has planned for HER totes and bags.

Patti had mentioned several other scrappy quilt idea from Quilter's Cache that she was thinking about using: Four Patch Ladder, Buckeye Beauty, Four on the Road, Depression Block, Gay Two Patch, Glory in Scraps. I told her in comments that my mom had made the "Four on the Road" as her block pass around with her small group (think this is right) but the for the life of me I cannot find the picture of that quilt. Maybe you can scan and send the pic onto me, Mom?

The links for the blocks Patti listed on her site or you can always look at the alphabetized lists on Quilter's Cache links if you know the name of the block you are looking for:
Alphabetized List Page A_F
Alphabetized List Page G_L
Alphabetized List Page M_R
Alphabetized List Page S_Z
Hint: If you don't want to scroll through the whole list try using Ctrl +F (for find) type in the block name and it will take you to the spot on the page

So what am I planning for the day? #12 of 12 is quilted but I still need to put on the binding. There is also one more label to put on another quilt and then cut some strips needed for the round robin. Vacuum the sewing room floor--I would do that now except for Pippi lounging in the doorway keeping me company, LOL. Actually she is probably hoping more for a stroll to the kitchen to inspect the adequacy of the provisions in her food bowl but I will delude myself into thinking she has no ulterior motive. It would be a quiet laid back morning with DJ off to the golf course, etc but the neighbor's new puppy wants back in the house in the worst way. Bark and whine like "when will you people get a clue?" Poor thing. Posted by Picasa


  1. Your mom's quilt looks great! I just love scrappy quilts!

  2. All right, little old lady in the fur coat. I hereby forbid you to post any more pictures of any quilts! I had been looking at this particular block on quilters cache last year, because I happen to like the name, and seeing this quilt just makes me want to make one. Please let me finish something first! Laughing out loud.

    Okay it isn't you, it is just me. This is a beautiful quilt and I love all the fabulous colors!

  3. love this quilt! thanks for all the sharing of blocks for scraps LJ. I see a cutting party in my future!

  4. Wow that is a nice quilt & it holds so many memories - SPECIAL!

  5. I like the way the squares set on point make circles against the lighter shades. :)

  6. Absolutely love your mom's new finished quilt! Really an amazing amount of cutting and especially sewing in that one!!! It's easy to see it's a labor of love..*VBS* And you..one lucky, lucky girl to have that connect to your mom, grandmother, and other family members. I'd be thrilled if I had anything even close to that history!!

    Thanks for the work to put those links there. Some really fun choices in scrappy blocks. A high five on getting #12 of 12 done..amazing!!! I know that RR is looming ahead..hope you get to do something fun for you right after that..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

  7. What a neat eye catching quilt. I will have to put this one on my to do list for sure. I am a bit jealous, snapdragon is my favorite flower, I am a canna, so when I saw your flower my jealous button swithched on. Keep posting these beautiful quilts.

  8. I agree with Finn. I wish I had some family that I shared any interests with. My Gradnmother was my soul mate as far as teaching me all the things she knew how to do. Crocheting, etc. SHe quilted but never when I knew her. My mom hasn't a clue and NO talent for any of it. My sisters and neieces appreciate my efforts but have no interest in doing it. YEA! for mom's new quilt! Give her a compliment from me for another job well done!

    Congrats on #12 of 12. I am still waiting for that wonderful RR to get shown and Done. Any ideas yet about what you might do?

  9. Your mom's scrappy quilt is so nice. Another great idea for using up scraps.

  10. Lots of detail work in the quilt. Small pieces...You must love having a mom that quilts. My grandmother quilted. My mom spent most of her time sewing clothes for her and me and things for the house. It was a necessity, so she doesn't look at sewing as fun... Your blessed.

  11. Ohhh - I LOVE this scrap quilt! I love working with little pieces so this pattern is right up my alley!




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