Jul 26, 2006

whole lot of nothin'

I have really not gotten much of anything done today quilty wise. A little redwork--well, make that bluework actually. That little January snowman is finished up as of this afternoon. I started on the February one but so far, all that is done on that one is his hat.

Melanie asked me to share some of my embroidery on my blog. I had told her that I would but nothing is done! Go figure. I have had this much of the Santa done for at least 18 months. It is from "American Patchwork and Quilting" magazine, Dec. 99. All it needs is the small sawtooth-like border put on it. Of course, it is on my UFO list. Should really think about doing as Vicky does and work on Christmas stuff on the first weekend of the month. Its main function at this point along with the feathered star block is to hide the stuff on the shelf behind it---it has become part of the rooms landscape in other words.

Santa is covering up some of the star points and the others I chopped off with the camera. Originally I had intended to pass this around for my round robin center but I really could not let loose of control of it--not with all the work that went into it! (I foundation pieced it) Also I wanted it turned on point for the first round. I pass to the organizer and he would not hear of that saying if I wanted it on point, I had to make it that way to start. Okay, I did--and it has a fall theme instead. I am half considering doing the "Ostrich Round Robin" that Kim of Peach Quilting has set up with this as my center---or not! It might end up in my own version of a Christmas quilt much like I completed for Betsy's family. Oh, who knows?

I also have a Calendar cats thing done in colored embroidery thread that saw me through many a tedious nursing conference--Sandy Gervais' Pieces of my Heart BOM. I think that's right. Anyway, that one is a completed top and it has been pinned for over a year along with a Christmas log cabin. Both personal projects (read: no priority)

I finished all available paperwork last evening and even added to it this morning with some things I wanted to mail out. Balanced 2 months of checking account statements on three accounts, etc, etc. Today was originally supposed to be my "play day"-- a quiet house while hubby was going to be gone to the golf course BUT he asked me to go along with him. He has been after me for months to ride along in the cart and "caddy"/cheerlead. He planned on taking my car in for some minor things right after. The golf course is a half way point to the dealership about 20 mins into the next county. Oh, okay--since you asked, I will go. I packed up a book and my embroidery to work on while I sat in the customer lounge. Then didn't want to quit necessarily. Pressed some binding for tomorrow's quilting but that is about it.

It was a pretty morning--the sun was out in full force but the sky was clear blue, no humidity haze for the first time in awhile an a little breeze blowing that didn't feel like a furnace blast--high 70's maybe. It didn't stay that way but it was nice while it lasted. I had enough of the great outdoors by the time we got home.

So the web rings are still not playing nice. I have been using bloglines for a couple weeks now, like many of you. The updating part is wonderful and makes reading around the ring more efficient time-wise. No need to click unless I want to if it is not highlighted. Now that the ring links aren't working it has been a God send. PLUS you can track packages and the weather etc if you are so inclined! BUT one other thing I have noticed---clicking on the subject line or the Permalink in the post will take you directly to the latest posting complete with the readable comments and comment link. To me this is important because I am on pokey old dial up (not by choice, trust me) As much as I love seeing all the pictures, it takes a lifetime (or even times out) getting some of the blogs to open especially if you keep a gob of posts on each page. I keep that in mind and only keep about 4 or 5 posts before it flips over to the month page. I also try to link back when I can to refer you to a previous post so you don't have to go scrolling to find it. Easier for me to look at the dashboard and take care of it from my end on editing or whatever.
Guess that is about it for me------

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  1. Hello again..I see we are both getting here late. Sounds like a busy day for you, and not bad on the productive end either.
    The bluework looks great. I love snowmen!!
    And your feathered star is to die for...just wonderful..love those colors! I didn't click to make it bigger, but I will as I want to see the fabric.
    I would have been abit leary to risk it in a round robin I think. It's really a great center tho, maybe you could just do all the rounds yourself..*VBS*
    This from the lady who just sewed borders today...LOL

  2. That block would make a lovely Ostrich RR center! I'm using the one block of a butterfly UFO I've had laying around for years. Finally decided I really wasn't going to make a bedquilt of it. But it sure makes a nice start for this Ostrich project.

    I've been thinking about starting a redwork project. Something smaller and more portable to take to Bee with me on Wednesdays and to work on during my lunch hour than the twin sized quilt I'm handquilting. I have a book of cat patterns where each cat is doing a different household chore and have been meaning to start it for several years now. Guess nows as good a time as any.

  3. love how these have become part of the "woodwork" hiding more projects :-)

  4. Linda - you're so right about things being there until they become the background - one place we lived didn't get a lightshade on the centre light for a long time and eventually I just didn't notice it needed one til my Mum asked why there wasn't one, still your feathered star and it's christmassy friends make lovely background wallpaper :o)

  5. Having never attempted a feathered star, I think your is fabulous! I don't see any issues at all! Love the Christmas theme idea for the Ostritch RR thing. I've always admired the red and blue work, just never had the inclination to try it. I do like the smowman though, he's really cute.

  6. good to know that you have as many ufos as I do. Wow, that is a big stack of quilts in your last blog. How often do you deliver them?

  7. I love that Xmas star. I wouldn't want to send it on a RR either, it is so spectacular! I am working on my bloglines. Pretty easy so far!

  8. Linda that feathered star is beautiful. Seeing that puts me int he mood to start a Christmas quilt next. I have an old pattern of appliqued Christmas things.I think I'll pull it out tomorrow.Thanks for inspiring me.

  9. I found you agaiun thru the new ring, hooray!

    Your star is lovely- I would have trouble relinquishing control of it as well!

  10. I'm a fan of that red and green feathered star too... it's super!



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