Jul 11, 2006

Back from the meeting

Another busy day with the Bama Belles. Pinned 4 quilts that came home with me, lots of labels sewn on and some binding stitched. Carolyn was the only one machine sewing--working on a kitted up quilt with Barbies that my mom had set up. It has triple rail sashing and nine patches for the corner stones so lots of strips to sew.

The funniest thing was that I went with two tops to be pinned and brought 5 quilted(6 counting the one I intended to work on) that needed binding volunteers. The girls brought in 13 completed ones for WTIL My trunk was stuffed!

They also had a couple of personal projects to share.
The Dresden plate is one that Aline--that's her on the right trying to hold up her end. Lois is on the other end and is quite a bit taller. Aline made this for a donation to Steel Magnolias for fund raiser for the American Cancer Society specifying that any funds raised will stay here in Calhoun County.

Beverly and Lois are hiding behind the other quilt you see. I believe this is "Road to Ireland". Not sure of the pattern source. Lois made one for the kids earlier this year and her mom commented that it was too pretty to just give away. Lois made her one but of course, larger and different colorway. I started to ask her if she had to rip it off her mom's bed before she came to the meeting. Lois said she had not given it to her mom after she picked it up from the long arm quilter till she could show us at the quilt group. She had it professionally quilted. When I edit this I'll try to link you back to the first one she made as it was very pretty as well.

We had a wonderful surprise today in that our friend and fellow member Pat F was back from NM where they had been living since December. They are closing on their house here and are moving back East but probably closer to Douglasville, GA where they daughter lives. No one know she was here, I don't think. I sure didn't or I would not have mailed a package to her yesterday to the NM address! Pat was standing with us at the pinning table when Jane and Sarah came in---Pat said "hello" and the look on Sarah's face was priceless. She dropped the things she was carrying to the floor and rushed to give her a hug. Another of the girls that is still working was able to come for a bit too--good to see Janet as well. Pat M came by with her grandkids to say so I guess you could say we had two more guests. Daniel helped me get pinning table put away while his little sister Mackenzie (age 5 going on 25) made her acquaintance with the ladies. Her grandma told her that they were stopping here, there and to go see the quilting ladies. Mackenzie asked me if the meeting place was "Simply Quilts", LOL. We might have to change our name! Is she trained or what?

On the personal front, my round robin 9 patches are all sewn as of last evening at 10 p.m. I would get started pressing and start joining them for the borders BUT the quilts I just hauled home are on that table. I've got to get the completed ones logged into my document and numbers on them before they go anywhere!! Pippi is not napping atop the old scrap basket in the sewing room anymore (now holds some UFOs) so I am taking that space for the ones that need quilting (4) and binding (3). Snooze, you lose, Kitty. I'll be taking some of these finished ones out to Linda S' and her spare closet soon. We will have last night's leftovers for supper so the rest of the evening is free to make some progress on the robin. Posted by Picasa


  1. If I had been trying to hold up my end of the quilt, it would have wound up a lot more lopsided.

  2. Wonderful quilts. I really like the Dresden Plate the most, so pretty.

    Do I see Jeanne's quilts on the tables? Pink, white, and black and her all yellow one.

  3. sounds like it was a great meeting...

  4. Such lovely quilts-and it sounds like you had a good time with good friends.

  5. You've been busy!

    Hope the things you've mailed end up back where they belong.

  6. sounds like another great day with the Belles...looking forward to seeing this round robin over with.

  7. Sounds like you have a great group of ladies there. Probably a lot of laughter and love in that room.
    I've always liked the Dresden Plate. It was one of the earliest blocks I ever made when I took my first Continuing Ed quilting class.
    I made one of those Road to Ireland quilts a few years back. The pattern was in "Fat Quarter Quilts" by M'lissRae Hawley. I'll try to post a picture later.

  8. I love the Dresden Plate. Alot of work went into that beauty. How do you document your quilts. I have started a scrapbook for my quilts and have to go back a long way. Would you mind sharing your method?

  9. Linda, how fun for you to have a group to get together with. They do good work! The Dresden is very different with the different color centers. Very pretty. The Irish one is neat also. I love quilts with chains running through them.


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