Jul 4, 2006

Happy 4th

Brackman #1621

Happy Birthday to my friend Cindy too should she be looking in. Hope everyone has a good day and a safe holiday. It is not going to feel much like a holiday here as the fireworks already were lit and we aren't going anywhere (like we ever do) or doing thing special.
Truthfully I am a little bummed, maybe a bit homesick and worrying about my grandma. So it manifests itself as some sniping at my husband over something stupid and him, naturally, sniping back. I am glad that he is on the golf course this morning so I have a little time alone. My annoyance will pass but I need the chance to miss him a bit, mostly. Ever feel like running away from home for a day or two? Not sure where I would go but I would be off like a shot if I could.
No quilts to show today. I am a little more than half done quilting the Mennonite Bowtie top from late June but I'll wait till the a/c goes on to get back to that. Think I'll work on some binding and keep that quilted piled up off my lap while I hand stitch.
till later then--


  1. Sorry to hear you are a little down today. I was so glad to see you updated your blog before I had to leave for work. I always enjoy reading your latest blog before I begin my day.

    (You might be down today, but you always manage to lift the spirits of others!)

  2. time alone with one's thoughts; time to feel a little snippy, all are good if in moderation... Hope the time helps

  3. Sometimes it feels like we are so far "down" it looks like up", or "lower than snake hips" is favorite of mine. So sorry you have hit this rough patch. Time alone might be just the thing.
    IS it possible for you to go home for a few days? Airplane?Amtrack?Greyhound? If I can help let me know...please?

    I'm quite familiar with that wanting to run away from home feeling. Especially back in the years of my marriage. Took me a long time to figure out I didn't leave because I had no place to go. Definietly a lightbulb moment.
    It's just all part of the process I guess. Sending big hugs and hoping you'll feel better soon. E me if I can help in any way. Hugs, Finn

  4. My best therapy is to make something... I either go cook (like I need to eat more) or make a new block. Or I turn on some mindless tv and read a book at the same time.

  5. LJ, my door is always open...let's just continue to think..."nest egg". Praying for your gma...keep me posted.

  6. everyone needs a bit of space - hope yours helps while he's out - sorry to hear you feel down - quilty hugs :o)

  7. Sometimes alone time is just what we need to get over the sniping. Even feeling like running away from home is OK. You are smart enough to understand what is happening. That way you know you can work through it and it won't cause major problems later.

    How did the quilting come along today?

  8. Happy independence day also to you, Linda :))))

  9. I'm not married and I still understand wanting time alone. Everyone needs time by themselves to think and rest and plan and remember. And we need to give ourselves a mental hug now and then. Hope that knowing so many blogging friends understand is comforting to you.

  10. Strong thoughts sent for your family and soft hugs sent to you (((( )))) It does not feel good to be away from the family when all is not well.

  11. Hope you are feeling better, and more relaxed. I have this dream to move anywhere but here, although for the moment hubby can come along with me. Last night I would have gone alone for a bit! I think we all feel that way with once in a while.

    Is that house still for sale next door???

    I agree with Finn...could you sneak home for a quick visit to see Grandma?

    Happy 4th!


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