Jul 12, 2006

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Esteemarlu asked how I document the quilts the quilt group makes. This may be an little involved explanation but hang in there, I'll get to it, LOL. At left are the ones that were either ready for binding or already completed from yesterday's meeting. Judy with the sharp eyes-- Jeanne's yellow one is in the forefront because Jane had dibs on binding it. Lois had the pink and black one working on the binding. I show you the quilts to give you an idea of what I need to do to track these things when they are laying on the tables like that.

From the sheer number of the quilts that we have on hand at the present time (close to 85 or 90, I think) and the fact that we are donating them here in Alabama in WTIL's name I must keep records for Ellen, our founder at headquarters and send her a copy of that document. I keep track on a spread sheet. First I assign each quilt the numbers she gives me to put on the label, plus our number so I have an idea of how many we have by year's end. Name or description of the quilt--where the kit originated--who pieced it--who quilted it are in the other columns. I also have another column to indicate if the picture was taken. The pics I send to Ellen have to be of totally completed quilts so it may NOT be the one that I share with you here. There is also another column concerning it status--pinned, needs bound and who currently has it. That one changes to where the quilt was sent as Ellen really needs to know that part. I try not to enter any of that stuff into the document unless I have the quilt in hand because things do get held up and put aside at times.

I cannot keep pictures with the spread sheet so those are in a separate file. Just refer to them by their number as then I only have to do it once. If I need to know who made what quilt, I have the document to refer back to. I also burn CD's to send to Ellen with pictures of the quilts so she can post them in the gallery pages. Cher and Pam do the same things with their groups in Oregon.

For example, the two quilts in the post are 450-06 and 451-06. May as well give you the background behind them now. Aline is stashbusting those strings lately. Two of the tops we pinned for her yesterday were more strings and go well for the Boys Ranch. The other picture: the circle quilt was made by Ada and used a technique shown at the JOY quilt group. I have one started with smaller circles from back in 2000 or 2001--one on my long list of UFOs but bless her, she got hers done and donated it to the cause.

So this documenting may not work so well for personal projects or could possibly be adapted some way for your needs, Esteemarlu?

Re: Aline's Dresden Plate--I neglected to tell you that it is handquilted except for a few anchoring lines. I really tried to get a picture of the backing to show you but it has a white on white background and it just didn't show up on the pic.

Eileen, thank you for the pattern source of the "Road to Ireland" She tells me it is from M'liss Rae Hawley's Fat Quarter Quilts. I think I might have come up with that if I had thought long enough. I looked all over my archives and could not come up with the link to the one that Lois made for the group so I'm guessing it was on my lost blog. The quilt is in my files though so I'll probably re-post it. The colors were so different than the ones she used for her mom's quilt.

Guess that's it for now---I've gotten my walking in to make up for missing yesterday, read all the blogs that have new posting, left some comments and posted to my own. Now off the computer and get busy with those nine patches all nicely pressed and waiting for me. If I have any self discipline at all, I will not get back online till this task is done. Too tempting since there is always something going on out there in the www, LOL. Posted by Picasa


  1. Boy, oh boy...the is some process! Impressive.
    I certainly understand why it's needed..that's an awesome number of quilts to make and donate. Multiply that times ofher groups and I can see where Ellen's head would be spinning.

    I truly admire your organizational skills Linda! Great bunch of quilts...and soon, on to the boys ranch quilts.

    Hope the RR goes together well.

  2. and I thought labeling was hard....

  3. My oh MY, what a system you've got there!! I know it's a bit of a chore, but I imagine after a while it's like second nature really. I agree that it necessary to keep up with all the quilts.

    The table full of pretty, useful quilts is such a nice sight to see!!

  4. Wow, that's a lot of quilts! I kinda like the scrappy one on the end of the table nearest you. :)

  5. Wow that is a lot of documentation. I can see how you would need it though. I have a spreadsheet I use to keep up with the blocks that I have made for Dear Jane. It seemed like such a job, after finishing a set of blocks, to go to the spreadsheet, add the date and number of pieces, then scan the blocks and post them up on my website. But it was rewarding to see the progress that was being made.

  6. Linda, thank you so much for the explanation.You all are very organized. I think I can break it down so it'll work for me.That red quilt is so pretty. I love it.Guess what, that sinus tachycarnia thing is exactly what my diagnosis was. At least I know it's nothing to worry about.Maybe I did over did it with the happy dance.LOL!

  7. guess that means no chatting this morning-go LJ go! I liked the explanation you gave on documenting-time consuming but necessary.


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