Jul 25, 2006

meeting day

So Blogger isn't playing nice today or rather the web rings aren't. Always something. My computer was being a bit tempermental last evening and again this morning prompting some uninstall/reinstall. I was late leaving the house for our meeting this morning and then even later when I stopped to pick up some binding fabric from one Belle and some quilts from another--both were unable to come today. Fortunately, no one was waiting for me to unlock the door.

For various reasons we were a little sparse on people today but we got 6 quilts pinned. One of them my own personal project, believe it or not-my 30's Sampler. I'm still debating about the hand quilting part. With all those pins in there and as large as it is, it weighs a ton!!

That is the 47 quilts piled up in my room---the closet shelf is just as packed. I' ve got three more to quilt-- a few more are out for binding. I am taking a bunch of these over to Linda S' house this week as she has an empty closet we can put them in. I don't think I can go much higher with the ones on the hamper without it toppling.

So who is this fellow, you ask? Chico is the neighborhood tom cat. Belongs to the people across the lane whose house you see in the right of the photo. DJ had just told me that he saw him roaming around in our backyard and "thank heavens, he is not on my car" No sooner than he got those wrods out of his mouth......there he was. He hid while DJ fired up the lawn mower but as soon as he got away from the drive, back up he went. I got the shock of my life one day when I had inadverently left the window down on my previous vehicle, opened the door and he was laying on the floor by the brake pedal. Pretty fellow but Pippi could care less about him. DJ keeps telling me about the mice he has seen in the backyard near the kudzu---wish Chico would get busy mousing instead of lounging on cars, LOL.

Some paperwork awaits, bills to pay--even cleaned a bunch of paper out of my desk drawer before supper. Posted by Picasa


  1. I am so glad you got one of your own projects pinned today! It is about time you got a chance to do a project of your own! You do so much for others.

    Chico looks pretty relaxed on that car!

  2. Didn't you know cats can hear you think? ha. 47 quilts. My gosh!! WOW. Just found you. Can't wait to read more!!

  3. chico must be male (or male in a previous life) -- more intersted in nice cars than working at mousing :-)

  4. Sounds like meeting day was very productive even with fewer numbers..*VBS* And hurray for getting the sampler pinned. I will agree that July and August are probably too warm to be quilting on it. Most of it would be in your lap anyway, if you machine quilted it. Those big ones are something else..I think we get used to working on the smaller ones, and them "what a shock"..it's a huge one!!
    Hang in there!!
    I see a coral backing in your pile..kinda sticks out, doesn' it?? *VBS*

  5. He looks like a charmer...

  6. Nice to hear that you're doing one of your own.
    Chico sounds like the typical male-car guy.

  7. Wow, such great progress by your group! Y'all inspire me. Chico looks like a big ole' yellow tabby we had for many years. A charmer.

  8. Oh No, you are way ahead of me on the personal quilt project. Aunt Betty is still in the drawer! I can't pin her until I go to JoAnne's and get some Warm and White or a package of the thinner stuff for hand quilting. I still have to make that decision. Hand or machine?

    The quilt stacks are mighty impressive...and yes I know you are just the keeper of the quilts. But you still get lots done too. I know how lucky we non-working gals are being able to spend all day quilting!

    Chico looks identical to my mom's neighboorhood cat named Fleetwood. He lives across the street but sleeps in several neighbors homes and always lives outside roaming the houses. He does go home for dinner!!

  9. great photo of Chico LJ...love the stack of quilts..I know you will really be happy once these go where they are intended!

  10. You and your quilting group are so productive. Love all the quilts. That cat reminds me of the two cats who adopted us. One of them got shot by a BB gun.Can't even take him to the vet because he won't let us touch him. Luckily the BB is no longer there,now it's just a small hole.Husband says he'll probably heal on his own.

  11. Zydeco is an orange (girl cat) who lives in my building - but goes outside too. My two hate to go outside!

  12. I LOVE the top string quilt, its colors are beautiful. Your sampler is great, good luck quilting whichever way you decide :) Thanks for visiting my blog! I had a friend who's son was AT Busch stadium when that storm hit. Being a clueless teen he stayed and watched the (late) ball game LOL. xoxo melzie


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