Jul 21, 2006

found 'em

I found the pictures I was referring to in my previous post that used the Noah' s Ark fabric for the challenge. The two directly below are the ones my mom made. See in the passage of time I had forgotten she had made a 2nd one. These both are from Trudie Hughes book Crib Quilts. Interlocking Squares on the left and Baby's Picture Frame at right. My local quilt group and Cher's Portland Piecers have a piece of butterfly fabric Cher shared with us for a challenge (and a few more of our friends as well) I am really considering one of those for my quilt. I love these little challenges and will probably share a couple more that I have participated in as we go along.

This is the one that Joy did. Those arks are appliqued and not the broderie perse type of applique either. She made her own ark and then used the fabric as the alternating square. Quilted in the wave marks in the sashing--quite clever of her. The color is not quite right on this one though.

I took the last stitches in the label last night about 1015 so all the binding is done---till I quilt something up that is and I reserve the option of moving that along to one of the binding helpers, LOL. I will get the machine set up to quilt once the a/c goes on and some email tended to. No glutton for punishment here!

Other than that---one of the girls in my quilting group is having a art show with her mother at Buckner Art Center at the old Fort McClellan tonight and I plan on going over to see the exhibit. Her mom paints and Ginny quilts and this is the first time they have exhibited their work together. She had emailed the group to tell us about it the other day. Lo and behold, as I was shelling peas at the kitchen table the headline teaser to our local paper referred to their exhibit. Immediately quit shelling to see what it said about our friend an featured right on the Escapes section. You may need a guest pass or need to be a subscriber to look at the article though. A look at Ginny's webpage would give you an idea of what her work is--a very painterly eye like her mother but in a different medium .

My mom felt like my grandmother had made enough progress to drive back to IL home so that is good news on the personal front. I thank you all for your concern. Posted by Picasa


  1. I like challenges too. In the past I've done them with my Mom and sisters but unfortunately we haven't done in a couple years.

    Glad your grandmother is doing better.

  2. So good to hear that Grandma is doing better and that your mom can go home again..*VBS* Very good news!
    I love the many Noah's Ark quilts. They are all just awesome...wow!! Your mom does a beautiful job..I sure do see where you get your talent..*S*

  3. I love both of the crib quilts--in fact I am not sure which I like best--both are fabulous.

    Exellent news on your Grandmother's progress, too!

  4. wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing...

  5. Great quilts Linda! Thankns for sharing! Good news about your grandma as well!

  6. WOOHOO! on to quilting for you now! that is really great progress on your part ....and loved the photos you shared of your mom's quilts...she always does such beautiful patterns-not quickie charity quilts but really nice ones.

  7. You make me wish someone else in my family quilted... :) The challenges look like fun!

  8. I like all the little quilts in your last few posts :) xoxo melzie


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