Jul 28, 2006

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Looks like a shift from alt webring to ringsurf has brought us some new faces--some that I know have been waiting for an opening in alt webring. Welcome to you all! With more waiting for approval or activation consider yourselves welcomed in advance, LOL. I will echo the sentiments of others when I say that bloglines helped keep us in touch if a few bookmarks were missing from your computer. That might be enough reason for those not in the loop and relying on a "next" button to try that service or one like it if only for a backup position.

Good looking out for us, Judy. The only thing I notice so far with ring surf is that the "next" button seems to go to random sites rather than in a row--like the list is "liquid" rather than in a static position? Anybody else notice that---you might get the same site you just left.

The quilts I am showing you are three that I made for WTIL in the past---a challenge of sorts. Ellen got a ton of these fabrics in both blue and red colorways from a fabric manufacturer/distributor. At the time we could buy kits of one yard each of the colors for $5 and were encouraged to make quilts for the kids with it. 4 or 5 years later there is still a lot of it floating around for kids quilts---several of the Belles quilts this year are backed with the blue vein stuff but Ellen was kind enough to share yardage with us for that purpose. Bits of it show up in scrap quilts all the time and I just have to smile when I see it. I really like the blue color way and especially like the gold on gold print but the red especially the red cobblestones and the gold with red veins was hard, hard, hard to work with.

I was working in series---starting with the "Millennium Mystery Unveiled" from Vogie's Quilts & Treasures. The leftover four patches from the that quilt went into the positive/negative colored that I called "Criss Cross" but that quilt should technically have plain alternating blocks like Single Irish Chain (another of its names) It is also called Cross County in Marsha McCloskey's Block Party book pg 25. It's my quilt, I'll go with "Criss Cross" however incorrect that might be, LOL.

Then I had leftover blue sections as well and that became this Twelve Triangles variation with pinwheels at center. I don't see it in Block Base so who knows what the right name for that one is. I doubt that I invented it though. Still I made pretty good use of some of the fabric---and have tons more that I could do it again, LOL.

I was supremely lazy yesterday and didn't do one darned thing that was quilty other than transfer 30 some quilts over to Linda S' empty closet for storage. Well, judging from my note on Tuesday this week, I needed to.

Shelina asked how often we distribute the quilts. Normally they are sent off to HQ at Wrap Them in Love or delivered when we get about 25 or so together. BUT when we know we have 60 or 70 quilts that we need for one facility we just hold them until we get what we need on hand. No one would like one house or cottage get theirs and make the others wait.

Once the a/c goes on in about 15 mins and the house begins to cool and our lunch is consumed, I'll get back to quilting because I felt like I wasted the day just playing on the computer. Well, not entirely wasted but close, LOL. I guess I just declared it more or less a "beach day" Oh, who doesn't need a day to play or relax and do not much. Too danged hot to feel like doing much anyway. Isn't that how we all coped with heat before a/c? Do as little as possible? Nice "work" if you can get it as the song goes. ttyl--lchj Posted by Picasa


  1. Such lucky recipients who get those Wrapped In Love quilts! Is that a local or national organization? My guild donates quilts to local police, shelters, etc. for kids in crisis. Ours is called Quilts in Force.

  2. ahhh a beach day with the computer... what a mixed image it brings to mind :-)

  3. I think I have had a beach day with the computer too :-)
    I have experienced the same as you with the new ring - it seems like it is floating. It might be a passing thing when we are all let in - who knows ? I will do both the Bloglines and the next I guess, to catch newcomers. Lovely quilts as always Linda. Blue, yellow and white is always winners.

  4. The quilts look wonderful, and of course I am ALWAYS so impressed by all that you get done.

    It's a great use for cutaways, and I totally identify with how fun it is to see the fabric in something else years later.
    I've come to treasure that memory hickup when it happens. Guess you'd have to be a quilter to understand. Like old pictures, a good thing.

    Hard to get and stay motivated today..especially if the cool is just coming on..it's a scorcher for sure! Talk to you later...Hugs, Finn

  5. I went out today and just about melted waiting for the car a/c to get up to speed. 95 but feels like 105! Yuck!

    As usual I am blown away at how lovely these quilts are. You know sometimes chairty quilts are made out of less than desireable fabric and not well made.Lets face it I have seen some downright ugly ones. But all the quilts that your group makes are beautiful and super well constructed. I'd be proud to have any of them in my home. That makes my heart smile!

  6. I forgot to tell you I love the feathered star block. The other blocks looks very nice too. I think I have the Santa block in some booklet around here. Is it Debbie Mumm?

  7. PS. mixup - I have that magazine - with the Santa. A duh moment ;-)

  8. Those are very nice Wrapped quilts. I am also very blessed to have been able ot jump in on Stash Quilts with the change. Thanks for the welcome.

  9. What do you mean "house or cottage". Who usually gets these quilts?

  10. The quilts you made a lovely. I also love the feathered star block. Sooo many pieces.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog regarding joining the stash ring. Wasn't sure if we still needed to wait for Judy's okay to join.

  11. I really admire the work you do for WTIL. I also make a lot of donation quilts and mine go to 3 organizations for the most part - Catholic Charities, Project Linus, and the local Ronald McDonald House. I would love to find a group like yours focused just on charity quilting when I move to Minneapolis.

  12. Smiling again about your AC schedule :)


  13. Beautiful quilts, as usual. I agree with the weather comments, but I can't take the heat anymore. I have to put the a/c on once the "glowing" reaches the point of running down my face.
    Since the old StashQuilts list is back working, I'm back on the waiting list. Oh well, all good things are worth the wait.


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