Jul 31, 2006

Last day of the month

View looking down the lane

I told DJ that I should get a picture of how pretty our crape myrtle bushes looks this year. I don't think we have ever had that many blooms on the pink one in particular or the smaller white bush. The red ones are my favorite but that one is still getting established. It was pretty small when we moved here in 97 and needed to be staked up as it was growing quite crookedly. It makes us both smile to see how well that white one is doing since we reclaimed it from the kudzu vine that acts like a hedge on the edge of the hill. I wish you could see the lake beyond the tall trees along side the street you see but maybe this fall-winter as the undergrowth dies back. DJ was out hacking at bush he was trying to remove but I didn't get the "bent over bottom" in this shot---like those old wooden "yard butt" things that people used to stick in their yards, as my friend Robin called them, LOL. Her MIL used to paint those things.

Outside looking in
As I was coming back up the yard, I could not resist taking a picture of that little kitty face looking out from her perch. The holly bushes could use some cutting back or she won't have a view much longer.
No sewing yet today and I never did get around to doing anything of that nature yesterday. BUT my house is clean and why not enjoy that a little longer. In the afternoon I made a Watergate cake and supper, read for a bit and then decided to pull out my knitting. I started last year as my carry on the plane project and haven't much touched it since. After just an hour or two I got the back finished up and the starts of a front panel.
So my grocery errands were run this morning and I threw a pasta salad together for our evening meal. It is so hard to know what shop for when you don't want to heat up the kitchen or don't feel much like cooking, let alone eating it.
At lunch today, I told my husband that I thought I would put half of the cake in the freezer. He loves his desserts so he said "Why would you do that? I might die tomorrow and I sure don't want to go to heaven cake-less" What a goofball! He is is not crazy about me making a pie or something and giving it away or taking it off to a quilt meeting. It's his, by golly and he is not always assured of leftovers if shared at a potluck or whatever.
Guess that binding is not going to get sewn with a wiggle of my nose---darn it. The Binding Fairy must be hanging out with the Merry Maid and both are playing hookey.


  1. Hi Linda, very pretty yard pictures. I don't think I've ever seen crepe myrtle before, it looks like a lovely bush. I see the good beginnings of the red one being a real beauty too.
    And oh, how sweet Pippi looks watching you out the window...*VBS*

    You'll have to clue me in as to what a Watergate cake is..LOL, I'm almost afraid to ask. I'm sure it's some play on words..LOL

    I DO hope nothing fell on your foot while shopping, but yes..boy, do I know those days well. They seem to start off that way, and then just go down hill from there.
    Enjoy the clean house..the treads and snippets will be back soon enough..Hugs, Finn

    Opps, forgot to say "great job on those July goals"!!!!!

  2. sounds like a few good days of not being so quilty. love the yard photos..and Pippi too of course.

  3. Pippi is so cute looking out! Last night as I was making the buttermilk pie, DH came in and said "Is that for US?" I asked him who else it would be for and he said "you give all the good stuff away!" so I guess that's how your husband feels about the cake.

    Your crepe myrtles are beautiful!

    Judy L.

  4. Your garden is lovely. I also would like to know what a Watergate cake is.

  5. Congrats on the July goals and the clean house...mine can not be described in those terms at the moment! Eh, who really cares!

    What a fabulous picture of your house up the lane! You are really making me drool and wish I had that house across the back from you...Still for sale? We had the most gorgeous pink crepe myrtles in our very first yard and they were so pretty. Yours are doing great.

    Enjoy the A/C today and keep cool!

  6. Very pretty yard! Thanks for sharing the picture. I also enjoyed having a look at Pippi. She looks to cute sitting there looking out.

  7. Crepe Myrtles remind of home, they're beautiful.



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