Jan 19, 2008

another Saturday check in

Well, here it is--another week has flown by and I have to wonder what I did all week, in retrospect. Early in the week I was finishing up my next row robin obligation--not due till the middle of February-- and got it out in the mail but can't show you that. I started on a Joined at the Hip pattern--one of those cute yard longs--but still need to do the borders so can't really share that yet either. All the machine embroidery is completed though/ Thursday was "lost day" as I was down in bed with a sick headache most of the day and yesterday I was knitting on my cardigan.

So what is a blogger to do? Well, Pippi was sitting up in an entirely new spot yesterday on DJ's bureau. I am used to her sitting on his desk looking out the window or his desk chair but up here made me do a double take and call him in to see. Later the goofy girl was up on the kitchen table sitting on the newspaper---now that is NOT allowed and she was promptly removed once she was spotted.

The biggest news flash is that it is snowing---rather an unusual event but that frigid blast of cold air from Canada is colliding just right with the warmer air from the Gulf. We had some sleet/flurries and rain mix on Wednesday and that did collect north of us about 30 miles and on Mt. Cheeha about 30 miles south and east-ish--it is Alabama's highest elevation and part of the Appalachian foothills to you would expect it in the higher elevations.

The weather wonks had predicted 1-3 inches for our band in the central part of the state from midnight last night till 7 but it didn't arrive here till about 9. By 11 this is what it looks like in my yard. Further south and towards Montgomery they said heavier snow was expected.

Now, I am from the Midwest, IL and some of my grade school years were spent in WI so snow is no big deal to me. DJ and I have been in AL now for about 10 1/2 years and this is only the 2nd (possibly 3rd) measurable snowfall and we weren't in the state for one of those. All the natives talk about the Blizzard of '93 and the weather wonks were being very careful to say that it would NOT be a freezing rain event.

The temps are going to drop to about 18 tonight so they are more concerned about refreezing, I guess though the pavements appear dry. It IS still snowing so who knows?

I took some video as well but my first attempts were sadly lacking in production value. First I forgot to turn the camera off standby and got nothing, LOL. 2nd round, I switched the camera position and all it did was make one of the bushes stand horizontally.

I'm staying home---maybe finish up my little wall hanging and find something to back it with though I doubt I'll quilt it today. I'm in sewing mode, after all and hate to change the feet and change horses in mid stream too. So I believe that I will instead finish up those Pioneer Braid strips that I started on NYD.

Ohhhh the mail guy just delivered some Christmas prints from Norma that I have been expecting all week. (Thanks, Norma!) Tempting to just veer off on another tangent. I told Cher earlier today the t-shirt quilt has got to be tackled next week. I best stick to that as I want that done and outta here! My version of the Christmas Patience Corner will be my reward for doing that perhaps? No shortage of choices, that is for sure!


  1. love the snow photos! I would have stayed home and enjoyed the snow outside and being warm inside too!
    let me know when you start playing with your Christmas fabrics...

  2. I can't believe you all got snow. Saw the weather guy talking about the temps dipping.

    Enjoy the white stuff!

  3. I enjoyed that little skip of show too. Up here in Tennessee we get so little I sort of miss it. We only got about 1/2". I was sewing away in the kitchen, not noticing what was outside, and when stopped to take a break and walked by the door in the den I about fell over! But, it was all gone by midmorning the next day. Oh well, at least we got a few minutes of winter wonderland.

    Hope your kitty is doing well.

  4. Well Pippi likes to change it up now and then too! Anyone living in my yellow house? Yea, for the snow! I was so happy to see it here.


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