Jan 12, 2008

Saturday check-in

Poor Pippi--her blanket got moved as I am doing some foundation piecing so she is reduced to sitting on the little bit of background fabric that I left on the cutting table. But her wool throw was replaced by bedtime, trust me! She had a hard afternoon yesterday---sitting in her perch minding her own business when whoosh, off to the vet's. Lab work results show that she is not losing any ground but the kidney tests are not improving much either which to be expected due to her diagnosis, I guess. Oh, goodie--some meds to try to see if her appetite will improve any but fortunately a liquid, not a pill. She was hanging around pretty close to me most of the day after our return home, like she was thankful she didn't have to stay at the animal hospital.

Norma sent me a link this morning which led to my discovering that today is Live Like a Cat Day. Wish I had known that before I spent a couple hours deep cleaning out both of my closets this morning. To think that I could have been imitating my cat all along! Two closets, you ask? Nope, I didn't touch the one in the sewing room though it could probably use it. You see, this goofy house has no coat closet off the living room like most homes do so my bedroom has two closets. The smaller 2nd one is used for out of season clothes and our coats. Why, oh why did they not put in larger opening with a bi-fold door or that kind that you can push the one side and get at the whole closet?? ( Bitch and moan) Anyway, I had 5- 13 gal bags full to donate and 2 that DJ was inspired to drag out of his space. I had already donated one other bag earlier in the month too. Today's stuff went off to a new thrift store down the road along with the surplus hangers.

I have a couple of pictures to share of the quilts from the Bama Belles meeting on Tuesday. At left, is a quilt that Beverly made for her son to commemorate his wrestling career in high school. I believe he received it for Christmas this year. Sometime this past summer I had helped her figure out how to set the pictures on point--what size they needed to be cut since they are rectangular more than square. She was following a quilt that Ginny had made for a fundraiser for the private school for inspiration but like Ginny, winging the pattern for it. The blue and yellow she used are the school colors. The center square is a cross stitch piece her daughter had made. Beverly said Nancy had made a scrap book for him with the press clippings and such that went with it. Our long arm quilter friend Susan quilted the blue with stars which accents it well. Sure to be a prized possession for Steve.

Meet our newest Belle, Nancy, Beverly's daughter-in-law. (a daughter and DIL with the same name) Nancy on the right and Beverly is kind of peeking out from behind on the left. Nancy is new to quilting but look what she just finished making!! A king sized sashed nine patch. I think she is properly bit by the quilting bug, don't you? (She said she was mauled by it, LOL) Very meticulous with her piecing and pressing too. Each of those seams is pressed in a four patch spiral so it lays nice and flat. Some family members helped with the color layout so the colors progress diagonally across the quilt.

Nancy was taking this over to the long armers after the meeting but she recently tied a full sized top that we helped her pin at the last November meeting. Done and already given to the person she wanted to have it, I might add. There were enough blocks leftover that Nancy made a top for the kids.

We pinned about 6 tops total, I think. I didn't get a speck of sewing done the other day as I intended but Nancy took a bag of 2 inch squares home to play with. I need to find her some instructions on how to cut left handed--online or otherwise. Got any suggestions of where to look?

This other little quilt was made by a local Girl Scout group. Ginny brought it in for us for donation to WTIL. The mother that assembled it is not a quilter but no matter. It is "birthed" and backed with like crushed velvet like fabric (not sure what it is called) so it will be cuddly and a smaller child is sure to love it.

I have been piecing a bit in addition to prepping the sections of the commissioned t-shirt quilt. A stand up job and a sit down one as it were. Believe it or not, I am working on the next row robin and not waiting till the last possible minute as it is not due till mid February. Nothing that I can share with you though as the receipent may be a blog reader. I am foundation piecing 9-8 inch blocks is all I will say. Three of them are done and I will get back to them this afternoon. Or being cat-like, maybe I won't, LOL. Some knitting done on my fall cardigan as well in past days but nothing to see there either though I have almost knit my way two skeins of yarn at this point.

So, I hope you have a wonderful day in whatever you chose to do---or in the spirit of "Live Like a Cat Day", DON'T do.


  1. love the photos Linda-a nice day planned...and so far, fun!

  2. Poor Pippi--a day at the vet's is never a great time for her. Administering her new liquid meds should be fun! Even though it was Live Like a Cat Day, you managed to get some serious closet purging in! Well done! That is a fantastic quilt that Nancy has made! What an achievement for a beginner quilter! It would appear that our chatting on line qualified as part of Live Like a Cat Day, because I am sure if both our cats could talk they would have wanted to spend time chatting with their friends!

  3. I straightened up my closet recently but I really need to go through and get rid of what I can't/don't wear anymore. Good for you for doing it!

    Love the 9 patch. I have a sister-in-law with the same name - we married brothers so we have the same last name too...along with a couple million more Mary Johnson's!

  4. I'm in the process of cleaning out old work clothes that might benefit some other people since I will never go back to office work. It's nice to have the extra room in the closet!

    Poor Pippi, she looks likes she's unhappy at the moment. Funny how they will find even the smallest scrap to touch as they lay down. That 9 patch is simple and yet stunning!

  5. Poor downtrodden Pippi!! I am glad she is holding her ground. I love the big nine patch!!


  6. Hi Linda, just popping in to see how you and Pippi are doing *VBS* Wish the news was better regarding her, but very happy it's not worse.

    Closet cleaning? Yuk! Love the quilts at the Bama Belles Day...great fun and pretty as well. Take care of you, Hugs, Finn


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