Jan 6, 2008

this and that on a Sunday

This was a first---I don't think Pippi has ever tried to sit on TV before. The table itself , maybe. She likes to get up on the pressing/cutting table and then hop over to her window seat--that's a given. Lately though she thinks she can walk around the room without setting foot on the floor.

From the TV stand table she makes a jump over to my sewing table---parked on the braid strips I started--and then over to my desk which it to the right in the picture. What a silly goose!

I can't say that she has been a deterrent to sewing---I just didn't either find time enough to get started with the weird walking schedule I have had lately. Because it had been so, so cold with a frigid, bone chilling wind blowing and a high temps of 25 one day and barely into the 30's the next, I did go up and got a membership to use the indoor walking/running track at the community center in the town about 8 miles north of my home. DJ said to take his checkbook and pay for it--thanks for making an investment in my health changes, Honey. Well, guess what? I am officially a senior, according to , and it cost him a whole whopping $5 bucks for the year. Good to have a fall back position in a climate controlled spot out of the elements. Turns out in order for me to get my distance in I have to walk 40 to 42 laps----a little boring and hard to keep track of the laps so I guess it is better to walk for time in. I was able to wait till early afternoon and go to my usual outdoor spot the last three days. Very pleasant today though--highs in the mid 60's. What a change! DJ played golf for the first time in weeks.

So what have I been up to? Marilyn called a few days ago and asked if I wanted to ride up to a town about an hour from here to go to the discount fabric store. Sure, I said--it would be good to get out of the house a bit. She sews professionally, making doll clothes and lately, a cute hanging towel of her own design to hang off your stove handle that looks like a child's dress . (Mine is a molded handle or I would have one of these in a heartbeat). She was picking out fabrics to go with the towels and had a cart full of bolts. I poked around the store and found a few things to bring home though it makes for a pretty boring picture, LOL.

The red was a yard flat fold of a Christmas red with metallics---I have a Christmas row to do along the line somewhere. Also Norma is sending me some Christmas fabric squares to add to some that Cher sent recently and some I already own. She may post about her working on a Christmas Patience Corner quilt this weekend but Finn is the one who started her off on her journey---and now me , when the squares come, LOL. What a bad influence these two are (not!) So anyway, I got some white on cream background and WOW depending on which one will work best--I am leaning towards the cream though but the WOW will be used for something, always need some of that for block swaps and so forth. The one piece of yellow was just because I liked it for kids quilts while the other will be background for another row obligations. It is a subtle daisy print but will be in smaller less obvious pieces for a fall/Thanksgiving theme.

We went to lunch yesterday at the Mill Street Deli there in Boaz (AL) for a yummy sandwich. A Reuben and potato salad was not the most dietetic food to be eating so I declared yesterday a calorie watching holiday---and walked after I got home after 3. Good girls day out.

So what have I been working on instead? My cardigan from the neck down. I am 2 increase rows away from dividing the stitches for the sleeves so it is growing and getting heavier but still fits in the knitted bag that Cher made for me along with a skein or two of yarn. I'm having a ball knitting---I know this is a quilting blog but we all seem to cross craft. I have no desire to knit socks though!

The other thing I did today was whack up the t-shirts that will be used in a commissioned piece. I thought about cutting out the fusible interfacing as well but the desire to get that last little bit of knitting done is a stronger pull. Tomorrow, after I run a few errands hitting a place that is closed on the weekend or I would have gone today. I'll get back to the braid strips at the Belles meeting on Tuesday--good sewing project for there and if anyone wants something to do, I'll hand them some more strips and/ or the bag of two inch squares.

That's it for a lazy Sunday-----


  1. That Pippi sure is a cutie. I think cats are naturally drawn to fabric and quilts.

  2. It sounds like a perfect girls' day out. I can hardly wait to see your version of the Patience Squares quilt. I added two more rows to mine last night. It is growing! I am going to make this one the size of that wild green backing that I bought. It will make me smile in during the dark dreary days of December next year--if it gets finished in time! LOL Lets keep each other on task!

  3. Who needs to touch the floor? I bet the top of the tv is warm!

  4. My knitting was calling me too after a year of not touching it but I'm obsessed with my quilting right now so I've been ignoring the call of the needles. I'm with you, however, there will be NO knitting of socks when I get back to it.

  5. That's a great price for your indoor exercise area! You could bring your knitting row counter to keep track of your laps!




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