Jan 7, 2008

this could be us

I love the "Pickles"comic strip and sometimes they remind me a lot of DJ and I. Though not really where our earthly remains will spend eternity, it could fit, LOL. That Earl!


  1. HILARIOUS!!! Cracking me up!


  2. I think between Pickles and Zits..they have my life PEGGED! I need to cut this out for my dh ..he never reads the comics!

  3. Thank you for the laugh, Linda. It was a full on belly laugh.

    And Tigger knows he owns the whole place and that he just lets us use it now and then.

    Hugs and purrs,
    Darilyn and Tigger

  4. Thanks for the peep into another quilter's life. Your picture and comments about Pippi pulled my heartstrings. I lost my beloved Sasha to kidney failure after having her company for 16 years. That was six years ago and I still miss her. My new cat, Molly, is SO different! The word opinionated does not begin to describe her.

    I hope Pippi does well for a long time to come. Stop by www.itsthecatshouse.blogspoy.com and see what's happening at my sewing machine.


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