Jan 30, 2009

a little progress

Awwwww! Guess who I saw on the way into the kitchen a few minutes ago. He posed for a few more pictures but this was interrupted by a bath and a lot of rolling around on the chair to sun that belly fur. Gotta love it!

Baby steps, I grant you but here is some UFO progress from yesterday's sewing session. I bet that piece of redwork has been clipped to the shelving unit for at least 4 years? Long enough to become part of the rooom landscape anyway. The pattern is from APQ Dec. 99 but I did the embroidery way after the fact. My guess is that the Convergence top that needs some borders will take its place.

After nearly driving myself around the bend the night before printing out foundations for those pieced HST's in EQ, something clicked. I was finally able to print the pieced triangles I was looking for rather than skewed squares in two different sizes. I was trying to follow the directions in one of the EQ supplemental books for printing templates on quarter square triangles. I was able to draw them up and eliminate pattern lines but they looked entirely different when placed on the quilt. Apparently I am missing a step somewhere. I will re-visit that lesson down the line for another project I have in mind. Note to self---I wouldn't have had to do anything if I had not re-sized the center square and followed the printed directions (duh, seam allowances need to be added to EQ as that is the finished size! Recalculate after that) In other words it is all my "fault", not the software or the pattern designer.

I panicked at first when I laid out the top border row----it is way too big, I thought. Oh, no--now I have to scrap a whole days sewing? Then it occured to me that I had to miter the seam so yes, it might look that there was too much fabric but it looks to be spot on. I am not sure that I know how to miter seams but I guess I'll find out. Like at attic window block, right? But do I sew from the block out to the edge? Guess I better read those directions when I get to that point.

Mitered borders are NOT an entry on my "quilting bucket list" but it could be! Should be, LOL.


  1. Santa and Skylar are looking good!

    Santa will look awesome with the mitered corners! Now I need to find a project with mitered corners, too?!

  2. I usually don't have any trouble with y-seams, like for attic windows blocks -- but mitered borders stump me every time!

  3. What a darling Skylar pic *s*

  4. Linda:

    Please send me your address and we will mail you a catalog that should help with quarter square triangles.

    We also have tools that can help with mitered corners.

    Richard Michell

  5. I love this little quilt - the border is very cute.

    Chesty plopped himself down in a sunny patch this morning too - I think he's part cat!

  6. I your post and the quilt that you are doing.

    In Ireland


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