Jan 14, 2009

Serial reorganization

Help!  Stop me before I clean again, LOL.  No, seriously I am inches away from diving into the sewing room closet to clean, purge, straighten.  Normally I would not consider that a BAD thing but I should be staying on track with that FAB challenge. 

It started with taking the thread racks down.  (See the last post)  I decided that I wanted to keep most of thread on the shelving units but that meant disposing of a bunch of my old APQ magazines.  After all, they were taking up about 12 to 16 inches of shelf space.  For years, I would not tear into these but it was time to take out the articles that I had some interest in ever making or wanted for inspiration of a set or use of color.  You get the idea.  I got all that condensed down into a 3 inch 3-ring binder in sheet protectors.

Obviously I have done that a time or two before when you look at all those notebooks.  Computer printouts and commercially purchased patterns are filed in there too.  I moved things around so I could most of these down on the bottom shelf.  The books on the end are there as almost all of them are listed on Amazon marketplace and I need them to be separated out and accessible.  If they stay, that’s okay too.
Moving the notebooks down cleared out a space on the shelf where they were for the thread .  I had other old sewing stuff in one of those tubs so I re-purposed it for the cone threads.  Next to it, three of the containers I filled from the thread racks.  I picked up two more 20 qt containers today to hold my 1 1/2 and 2 inch strips.  I had them in something else but this arrangement allowed me to do some shifting.   They are pretty full and no longer separated out by light, medium and dark but I can deal with it.  The 2 1/2 and 3 1/2’s aren’t either.  I may separate them out by colors later and layer them in there instead of just the dumping I did just get them put away.  The project box came down from the upper shelf stack as it is what I picked out for a ME project.

The wall where the racks came down looks awful though.  Hollow wall anchors, a couple other holes that could be spackled, sanded and painted as well but just generally needs some paint.  Something, I don’t know what, got sprayed on it and there are poster tack marks up higher.  I do not want to paint in the dead of winter when we cannot open the windows and/or use the fan to air things out.   A wallhanging would be nice and maybe Amy Bradley’s Quilt Diva would fill the bill.  I have the fabrics kitted up for it, after all.  OR I have her Seasoned Quilter patterns if I go all the way to the ceiling, that is.

BUT I am not so sure about that---I did this as temporary measure but I think I like it.  The spot is a little unhandy with the pressing/cutting table in the way but that  is what they made step stools for, LOL.  Pam had sent me a piece that her mom had made up for a design wall but it was a little wide for my spot.  I cut it down and quilted around the edges---instant design “wall”  I pulled out 4 blocks from the abandoned block bin---all of them from my mom.  That butterfly had been hanging in her bedroom for some time and I might as well carry on that tradition, LOL. I think it has some real possibilities with the other pastel blocks on hand for Finn’s Riding the Orphan Train quilt.

The cat is just too cute NOT to put up.  It kind of reminds me of Skyler.  I know she made a donation WTIL quilt from the pattern.  It is from “Cats….of course!!  The Curious Cat” designed by D. A. Brinkmann of Spartanburg, SC.  The block is given in 5 inch, 7.5 inch and 10 inch sizes.  (I have my own copy so I checked, LOL)
We have some of those same frigid temps that many of you are experiencing right now heading our way.  DJ said that there are freeze warnings out in Florida and the weathermen are predicting perhaps single digit lows for a few nights.  Two different Alberta Clippers are responsible.  No precipitation is thought to accompany it so they were quick to suggest that a run on the store’s milk, bread and eggs was NOT needed.  At any rate I will be happy to be snug in the house over the weekend.

That’s how it goes around here today.  I’ll get to the closet mess—trust me, it needs it---but will have to wait till after I get my haircut mid-morning.  The bulk of it anyway.  For now, I’m back to embellishments.  All too soon it will be time to fix supper—either Quick Mediterranean Dinner (meatballs with chickpeas, olives, feta cheese in a tomato sauce base clipped from an old newspaper or magazine) or Easy Mulligatawny.  I posted the soup recipe some time back so the link will take you to it.  LOL, what I don’t fix tonight, I fix tomorrow.  I am leaning toward soup after smelling the chicken cooking in the crockpot earlier. 

I have pictures of some of the tops shown at the quilt meeting but I’ll save those for a day when I have no quilt-y content---read:  when I am quilting my FAB challenge hopefully by week’s end.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Go Linda Go
    Go Linda Go
    Go Linda Go

    **imagine me in my HS cheerleading uniform ~ pompoms flying through the air ~ shouting encouragement from Oregon**

    I bet it feels good to get some of those sorting and cleaning and switching things crossed off your list! Good job my friend....and nice to see you've found a spot to put Momma's design wall up to be used.

  2. Seems like January is the time for re-orgs!! You are making great progress, and I bet you have discovered projects you have not thought about in a while.

  3. hip hip hooray! looks great LJ


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