Jan 8, 2009

one more time

I do not know what happened to that picture of Skyler yesterday.  I have tried doing it nine different ways from Sunday by now.

The oddest thing is that IS there when I first post it.  Then it seems to disappear  leaving only the dreaded red X in its wake.  What’s more, Firefox does not even show the red X but IE does. 

Meanwhile I am probably just filling that Picassa web album with all kinds of shots of the same picture though I did not look yet to verify that.  Color me clueless at this point.  What in the heck am I doing wrong here?  Is this going to last forever?  It is not showing up on anyone else’s computer either.   I tried to edit the post---browse button is grayed out but it acts like it is loading (click done shows up)---no url code appears.

Thinking that perhaps the picture was too large I resized it---after all, I am using a new digital camera though I normally don’t play with any buttons on it.  So, I’ll try this one more time………………….


  1. I can see it now. I use Firefox. Maybe the previous ones WERE too big.

  2. yea! it worked! for the longest time I could only post 4 pictures through 'Blogthis' option but now the 'upload picture' option is working...go ahead and color me 'computer illiterate' as I have no clue but keep bumbling along :)

  3. Yes! There he is, cute Mr. Skyler!


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