Jan 26, 2009


I have a couple of reasons to celebrate!  First, today is my 10th anniversary.  DJ picked up these lovely tulips for me on Saturday.  Second, I have a couple of finishes to report.
The FAB “Summer in Winter” challenge was completed on Thursday and set on its merry way to Norma.  I also finished the binding on a bonus project on Friday but I can’t show that to you yet.  Yeah, another secret.

Next up in my sewing/creative schedule was the “Be Warm” Be-attitudes mini quilt.  I fused the motifs, machine buttonhole appliqued around them and machine quilted it. The directions call for just “birthing” the mini quilts but I have never been pleased with the results when I have tried that.  It was my choice to do the more conventional binding even if it meant more hand finishing.  UGH!

I had forgotten that some hand embroidery for snowflakes was needed along with some bead embellishments so I have some threads showing on the back that could not be hidden.   Oh well!  IIWII.  I’ll read a little closer next time.   I just finished that needed handwork and beading plus sewing the tabs on with the buttons before I sat down to right this. 

Hot off the press!   I should have used the darker red check for the letters and will do so on the rest of them now that I got a bit more yardage in.  I can’t wait to do the next one with the Valentine theme---Be Loving.

DJ and I went out for our anniversary dinner at one of our favorite catfish restaurants where they run a January special for about 3 dollars off the usual price---its their anniversary too.  His golfing friend is due in sometime tonight.  When I got word that he was coming and DJ told me the dates ”ah, that is our anniversary, honey.”   I insisted that he call him right back and tell him we would be unavailable till later in the evening.  That supposedly would work better for him anyway as he would not feel rushed to get down here from central Illinois. 

Other than cleaning house and working on Be Warm there is not much happening around here.  It is time for quilt group to meet again tomorrow. The boys will head off to the golf course, provided it does not rain.  It is in the forecast but that is nothing compared to the cold and ice that I see forecast for the Midwest.

Next up in the sewing department-- I have a WTIL challenge quilt I want to cut out and sew.  I had left 4 tops at the meeting place to pin so may come home with them but quilting can wait.  I am also thinking about which project box to pull off the shelf and get that moved along a bit.  4 patch posie, I think. 

I know I have some knitting on the horizon too.  DJ came in with a 3 wood cover that had 3 holes in it.  I had made a set of head covers for him maybe 5 years ago.  I believe he thinks I can mend anything and everything so he was hopeful that this would be an easy fix.  It would be easier to just knit him another one.  Naturally I had already passed on the yard leftover from the covers and had to get some more.  Mom sent me a pattern for a knit dishcloth that I want to do as well—can never have too many of those.

Guess that’s it for now----thanks for stopping by.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I love your snowman! May I please borrow his mittens, hat and scarf?! LOL :)

    Can hardly wait to *see* which project you choose next...

  2. Tiny Stitches (the quilt shop I work at) did this quilt as a BOM last year. I am currently taking a break from quilting the finished quilt - not mine but a customers. It is a great quilt and will make lovely wall hangings.

  3. Happy Belated Anniversary! I was unable to get onto the Internet yesterday to extend wishes in a timely manner. It sounds like you had a nice dinner out--I know that is a favorite restaurant.

    I love the snowman wallhanging!

    I can hardly wait to see what is in my pkg on "reveal" day.

  4. Happy Anniversary...a little late! I love your Be Warm block...yum!


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