Mar 3, 2010

Another edition of WIP Weds

I am still of a mind to hand stitch rather than use the electric needle. Of course, I have things I could be doing but it does not appeal to me at the moment. I am willing to bet that we all go through sewing slumps for whatever reason.

So today---a few more stitches in the Red Brolly "Brutus the Cat" block that will be part of Brownyn Hayes' Catalicious quilt. A start on the dogwood block from the 12 days of redwork series too.

What are the Peaches and Cream cotton yarn and towels doing in the shot? Well, our hanging towels in the kitchen need replaced. The towel part is looking pretty sad while the yarn part is virtually indestructible. These were pieces I commissioned some time back by a crocheting mother of a quilting friend . Ms. Esther made me some sunflower shaped hot pads that went with them too. I googled up a pattern online so will give this a whirl. I am definitely more of a knitter than crocheter but this could be a fun, fairly quick project. Wal-mart had some towels on clearance to the price was right even if the appliqued on print part is only on one end. Might just make them a little longer than usual. I also might be creating the ugliest towel ever made since I could not match the towel color, LOL. I found a towel ring that looked pretty cool HERE that might be a quicker fix if I hate these.

Here are the two recently completed redwork blocks in the series. So far I am doing these in the order they were posted (link in an earlier post) with the dogwood block above #4.

Guess that's it for today's edition---


  1. I just must get busy on these!!! Love yours, won't it be so pretty when you are finished.

  2. Look at you go! I have just 3 hearts to go and I will have finished all 12. I have finished Brutus himself and started on the flowers in the upper left hand corner. I am really enjoying these stitcheries--I found them to be the perfect "take along" project for my recent holiday. Have you thought about how you are going to set your hearts together when you are done?
    The last time I made myself some kitchen towels, I just folded the towel in half and attached the crocheted hanger to the top. This makes for an extra thick towel as it is doubled over and not just a single thickness. It does make it a little nicer for drying your hands.

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