Mar 20, 2010

spring has sprung

Happy National Quilting Day! If you don't celebrate that, go for the fact that it is officially, if only by the calendar, the first day of spring. We are at the mid 60's today with sunshine and a light breeze blowing. Lovely day! Warm enough to shut off the furnace and crack a few windows. Skyler is loving it, running from window to window and back to the front door to look out.

The picture shows him up on the buffet in "begging" position and that point he thought he needed his "treat" bite. He kept wiggling so I didn't get the cute head to the side shot, LOL.

I took some outdoor shots to share---the daffodils in fuller bloom than a previous shot.

The camellia is loaded with blooms though it has been trying to bloom for months. In previous years the frost would zap them but I guess the sustained colder weather this winter convinced it NOT to bloom too early. Or not as much anyway.
At any rate we haven't seen it looking this good.

The Bradford Pears are not quite there. I swear this just happened overnight---buds to just starting to open. Soon it will look like popcorn bushes. Same with the forsythia. These are in the neighboring subdivision. The two rows at the subdivision entrance are not quite there but will be in a day or two, I bet. I have spotted some tulip trees out as well when out in the car.

I am still embroidering but off on another project. I decided to switch gears on the calendar quilt-lets and do stitcheries instead of fusible appliques at least on most of them. The Art to Heart button set that I purchased as part of my Christmas present should still work. I spent some time on Thursday organizing the floss that I needed and made a run to Hobby Lobby for what I needed. I have been piddling with the March block and will be ready to layer it for quilting as soon as I get the verse part embroidered. Break out the sewing machine to add some sashing bits anyway.

Hope that you are having a lovely day where you are--------

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Spring~I can dream about it, right?!


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