Mar 2, 2010


I don't know if you can see it as well as Skyler is currently doing but it is snowing. What a winter we are having though it snowed this time last year too. I had just awakened a little after 7 a.m. As I opened the blinds, the rain turned to sleet and then to snow right in front of my eyes. The school bus picked up the child across the road so they didn't apparently call off school or close down the public offices in advance of the weather this time. So far the snow is sticking to the ground but not the driveway and lane. Guess we will see what happens as the day goes on.

Me? I don't feel like sewing so I won't. I will do some more redwork instead. These 12 days of redwork hearts are fun and work up fairly quickly compared to other projects I might pick up. I might change the setting blocks though when I am ready to make the quilt and goofed around with that in EQ a bit. I basically piddled the day away yesterday, I admit. Nothing got done but dinner on the table but some days are like that.

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  1. Sometimes piddling away the day is OK and fun. You can send snow to me here in NH. Most of the storms have been missing us lately.


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