Feb 26, 2010

this and that

Here is a little something I just finished-- sweet pea heart from Alex Anderson 12 Days of Redwork posted in late December-early January. Norma has started these hearts for a seasonal wallhanging. I had downloaded the designs but didn't trace them off till yesterday afternoon. She knew, and I knew, that I would probably cave, LOL. Between these hearts, the on-going Bird Brain Santa blocks and a series of redwork from Brownyn Hayes, I can stitch as much as I want when the mood strikes. But I love it!

Next up:
I had pulled out an old UFO to finish up the bottom row. How old is this project? Well, way back in 2000 I and another friend had headed up a row robin project on a quilt list I moderated for several years. I had picked a summer theme and had sent around a Country Threads book for inspiration. I did the top row of stars and sent it on. The girl that was also in charge did the appliqued row but it did not fit on the quilt---measurements had gotten off as they will on a group project. It sat.

I needed some filler pieces to compensate for the width of the project and I thought flying geese would work since they echo the birdhouse shape. I drew it up in EQ since it was a goofy length. I re-sized the applique piece slightly and used the green sashing that was originally there but much narrower. I supposed it should be bordered but this will hang on the sewing room door perfectly or another spot in the hallway so I'll pass on those. What colors would you use anyway? My pal Cher did the butterfly and veggie row. Two others were done with friends who I see on facebook. The bowtie and cat row, sadly, was made by a friend who has since passed away. I'll pin it at the next meeting and get it quilted up on my next quilting session.

Lastly, here is a little wallhanging I recently made for Pam's birthday. She loves all things Mary Engelbreit so it seemed like a good fit for a charm pack I had on hand. It certainly went together a lot quicker than the large sized Cheap Trick/Two of Kind that I have been piecing off and on. It all came from my stash except that I had to order some more of that red dot to bind it. She shows it hanging in her kitchen gallery area HERE. She told me that she had already planned to make placemats, napkins from ME fabric for her kitchen. I guess that I just made an accessory for her, LOL.

What's next because I have had a few finishes lately? I have a few goals. Piecing, back to my bed sized Cheap Trick. Handquilting, the plain squares on RR crossing but that will be on-going. Machine quilting, 3 donation quilts are in my stack. Cutting, Big & Bold. Applique, the March Calendar block. UFO, maybe I will get around to finishing up my own convergence wall hanging. Embroidery, whatever strikes my fancy. Oh and a donation top to assemble---I'll do that tomorrow actually.

I hope you have fun with whatever you have planned for the weekend-----thanks for stopping by!


  1. Glad to see you decided to join me in making the redwork hearts! My how we tempt each other with new projects! LOL

    Pam is one lucky gal! That
    ME wallhanging is a perfect addition to her kitchen!

  2. I have printed off the redwork, and you have inspired me to hurry up and get it done. Your row by row quilt is so pretty.


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