Feb 17, 2010

WIP Weds

Today finds me working on two different things---sashing some string blocks that our dear friend Theramae was working on at the time of her passing for a donation quilt. The other, putting a few more hand quilting stitches in my FAB friendship block quilt. The donation quilt only has one row completely done and the sashing bit added to the remaining blocks---not much to see, in other words. I have posted progress on the other before but hand quilting takes time--two and half borders are done at this point so I am getting there.

What I am posting instead are two recent finishes I promised in my last post. I hung Sisterhood of Quilters in my "above the bed gallery" yesterday and the February calendar quilt just in times for Valentine's Day.

Other than that there is not a whole lot happening. Day to day stuff. I made a crack at making deep dish Chicago pizza but was not too enamored with the crust so table that recipe. I plan to try my hand at Swedish Limpa Rye tomorrow. Rest of the time it was the old tried and true stuff and things I know DJ likes.

The weather remains cold though it doesn't seem to bother the yellow crocuses. Sun is shining, a little wind blowing but in the 20's. I do not remember our having such a cold winter as this one the whole 12 years that we have been here for sustained cold spells to say nothing of snowfalls. It will warm up a bit by week's end but will it bring rainfall along with it? Maybe March will act more seasonably. The bookmobile librarian was telling us today that the last big legendary snowfall they had back in 93 (12 inches fell overnight, lots of people without power for days and days) happened in mid March so who knows? LOL

Hope you have a good day in whatever you chose to do--------

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