Feb 13, 2010

snow pics

I know this snowfall is nothing like what I experienced in all the years I lived in Illinois. Every time I talk to my parents on the phone, it seems like is or has been snowing this winter. It is pretty piddly compared to the East Coast recently. BUT snow doesn't happen often around my little corner of NE central Alabama. I would estimate that we got about 2-3 inches judging by how it is stacked up on inanimate objects----like my car!

It started in about 11 a.m. and kept it up in varying degrees till about 7 p.m. What seems odd to me is that the roads and driveways remained perfectly clear of the stuff----not that I am complaining, mind you, LOL. We saved our snow shovel when we moved South but have never had to use it. I guess we thought it was better to be prepared than have to replace it. The first picture---how things looked at 2 p.m.
Of course, school was cancelled ahead of time and some businesses closed. In the north we would wonder why. I believe that there might be one snow plow available from what I read in the paper?

We had tickets to a pancake breakfast this morning but it turned out they backed it up till NEXT Saturday. Still, the sun was out, everything looks sparkling and white. The roads are clean though I can see where blowing snow could get problematic--melt and refreeze/ black ice stuff. It just looked odd to see the familiar scenes we see when driving all glistening white!

I thought that the holly bush looked pretty this morning with its red berries in contrast to the green leaves and the snow. Those berries don't always come out on the bushes---cylical thing, I believe but what do I know? DJ has a couple books I got him about gardening in the south and one of them is specific for bushes and shrubs.

The view out the kitchen window to the back yard. The gardenia bush is covered with snow actually weighing it down and spreading it out in strange angles. Skyler is supervising from his perch on the microwave though if I were a bird I would stay where it is warm---barely 22 degrees at this point.

So I am going to stay inside, do the laundry and stitch binding on the 2nd heart themed quilt-let from Calendar Quilts and Stitcheries. A funny (more odd, than "ha ha") story--- DJ came in the sewing room yesterday afternoon as I was putting in some of quilting lines. "That's cute! Where did it come from?" he says. "Ah, my stash. I made the base, fused and appliqued it yesterday. Didn't you wonder what I was doing all afternoon?" Silly boy, LOL.

We aren't going to make a big deal about Valentine's Day. Not when we just had our anniversary was about two weeks ago. We celebrated then so no need to make a fuss again. Now it was different when we were single--Valentine's Day definitely. It would seem that so much of that day is for commercial interests---greeting cards, florists, restaurants with dinners for two specials. I DID put the heart stuff out to decorate but that's about it, adding this new piece to the "collection".

I do have a couple quilt tops to show you from the quilt meeting the other day but I will save them for a post in a few days. Till then, thanks for stopping by. Stay safe and stay warm wherever you are----------

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  1. You have the best kind of snow~only on the grass ,trees, houses and shrubs! No shoveling the driveway or sidewalks! :)


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