Feb 21, 2010

some production

I had a pretty productive day in the sewing room yesterday enjoying some tunes on the computer while I worked and DJ listened to college basketball game after game.

I mentioned in my last post that I was putting sashing and cornerstones on a pile of string blocks that Theramae had made that were left in her fabric things when she passed away. I had previously added the plain strip to the bottom of each block and had half of the top row assembled but the rest of was assembled Weds thru Friday. She had pieced them to paper---old newspapers, phone book pages and such. By the time I was done it looked like it had snowed here in the sewing room, LOL. Unfortunately she also had some tension issues with her machine on a few of the blocks. Pulling the paper out lead to some top stitching or reinforcements. By the time I started sewing yesterday I only had to do 3 long joining seams. A tally in the "finished to flimsy" column. I also seamed the backing for the top as well as the binding. Stranger still, I even pressed the binding, LOL. Sometimes that waits till I have 4 or 5 quilts worth piled up on the sewing table like a pile of spaghetti.

So anyway, that took care of ONE project from the UFO/kit hamper. Trust me, there are plenty of things left in there. In fact, my mom just sent me some yardage for a green Twisted Sister so I guess it was more like one in, one out.

Since I still had time to sew, I pulled out another donation project. Well, actually these bowties were out in my car. I had been working on them at our quilt meeting and I had intended to continue to do so as an on-going project. I needed 8 to 10 more blocks to make a 7 x 10- 6 inch block set so whipped those up and then started some assembly work. Two rows went together pretty quickly so I could possibly have this top done before Tuesday's meeting too.

Then I moved on to mending two pair of MY pants for a change. DJ is forever asking me to fix something on a pair of his. He punched a hole in the pocket linings with a golf tee is the usual problem. The last time the elastic had come undone from the sans a belt Hagar----a royal pain, that was! It might have been easier to have sewn them from scratch. Mine, same thing. A serger would have been a better sewing tool in this case.

One final bit before I called it quits for the day--something from the cutting list that was also in the UFO/kit hamper. The girls had given me the leftover green Habitat fabric from the Belles 08 challenge quilt. I thought this might work up into a re-scaled to 8 inch finished BQ 2 providing that I could squeeze out 35-40 5 1/2 inch blocks. I had plenty and with the companion print added in I have about 20 more squares to do something with. What, I don't know at the moment, LOL. Also I was not sure I had enough of the background fabric since I had decided to use it for the backgrounds on the calendar quilts---about a 1/3 of a yard left so sigh of relief there. Once I cut all the contrast pieces and the binding that yardage is just about busted too.

Well, if I expect to have another productive afternoon I better quit talking about it and get to it. Thanks for stopping by-----

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