Feb 23, 2010

meeting day

Another good meeting day today. One of the girls had invited a guest. Another 3 who have a conflict on Tuesday's schedule were able to come so that was good too. Jane brought some yummy cream puffs from the bakery and another, a pan of blueberry cobbler so we even had treats today! Later 3 of us went on the Quizno's run for sandwiches and brought them back to join the ones who stayed to work and chat. 4 quilts got pinned---till we ran out of batting. Oops! I should have asked Judy to bring the box we have in storage at her house.

The left, the brightly colored 3-D bowtie top that I finished assembling yesterday. Some of the fabrics are leftover from some Twisted Sister tops that I did last year. Quite a few are backing cutaways or border leftovers, actually. Others, just squares in my 3 1/2 inch bin though some were left from a couple of the tag-along totes I made.

And here is my other finish, done-done. My FAB friendship block quilt. Blocks are machine quilted, the rest hand quilted though several of the Belles were just sure that I had free motioned the alternating squares and triangles as well as the border. Nope! Look a little closer, LOL.

I didn't do a speck of the redwork Santa I had brought with me. Too many people to talk to. I helped pin the two tops I had completed and seams some batting for a third. Nancy asked about a pattern for a nine patch heart which we found in the notebook files but it had to be re-sized from a 7.5 inch finished to a 10. I drafted it up for her but she really needed it written up for another quilt group. They are doing it up as a comfort quilt for one of the members so everyone needs to be "on the same page", so to speak. I took care of that when I got home and off it went as a pdf file.

Another neat thing happened at the meeting. Chris, the church secretary had been down to the Mobile area to visit a friend. She asked me if we ever donated fleece blankets to Wrap Them In Love I know that Ellen has shown crocheted and knitted items in the gallery pages before. We haven't personally made any but there is no reason why they couldn't be donated, even locally. Chris said the friend has sent back 5 fleece blankets and 3 wholecloth quilts for us to donate that her nieces and nephews had helped her with. Turns out Chris has been talking to her about our group and our donation quilt efforts in the past. I assured her that I will deliver these and the quilts that we have on hand to Friendship House in Oxford which is part of the Alabama Baptist Children's Home ministries soon. (My quilt document for the year needs to be updated, number assigned or I would have done it today) How sweet of Chris and her friend to donate these items!

I think a little redwork tonight during primetime TV viewing hours Tomorrow I will be doing a little foundation piecing for a filler band on a vintage (early 2000's) UFO. I'll tell you about that project once I got it "finished to flimsy" as right now I should go whip up some supper for us. Spaghetti carbonara, stir-fry squash and carrots medley and pull some leftover focaccia bread from the freezer to zap it. Should do it, LOL.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, even if you did not have time to work on your Santa. Very cute bowties!!

  2. Love the bowties and of course, great job on your FAB Friendship blocks! you rock!


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