Mar 9, 2010

meeting day

Quilt group meeting today---several are out of town right now but 4 of us managed to get quite a bit done. Shown is a pinwheel top that Aline's granddaughter made and gma quilted. Good job, LeAnn!

Our first order of business was to deal with a new box of batting. Nu-style packs a 48 x 60 some yard roll of batting into a box 18 x 16 x 28 inches. We needed to un-stuff it from the box and then roll it onto the tubes we had saved in the storage closet. Fortunately we were able to put it up on two large serving tables in the Fellowship Hall and spare our backs and knees.

Linda C had 4 donation tops and 1 personal project to pin so we got busy with that. Two of the top needed additional batting added. I took care of that while the others pinned. Turned out some backing needed seaming as well. My Jem is always out in the car so I did that too--darned machine seems to have developed some tension issues so I will have to look into that!

3 of the tops came home with me and 4th would have but it needed additional yardage added to the back----next meeting we'll finish it up. Looks like my days of no sewing and no quilting will be coming to a screeching halt soon. 6 tops piled up on top of the armoire at present.

I had suggested an Arby's run for lunch out at the Oxford Exchange and offered to drive. As I pulled up to the 2nd stop light on our route I could see one of our quilting pals in the rearview mirror. Or at least I thought it was Pat anyway. My three passengers were waving and trying to get her attention without much success. Finally she figured it out who it was at the next light, LOL. Not sure where she was headed or we would have asked her to join us.

Skyler was running around like a crazy cat when I came home, madly dashing down the hall to DJ's desk chair to the love seat about 90 miles an hour. He thinks of this throw as his actually. DJ uses it in the recliner in cold weather and Skyler tucks in beside him anytime after 8 p.m. Truth be told, it is MY throw, LOL---purchased years and years ago on a trip to the Amana colonies and the woolen mill there. I don't care if the boys use it, of course.

And look what just opened up today!

For several days it looked they might be ready any minute. A few warmer sunny days and boom, the daffodils are blooming. As I was leaving for the meeting I noticed that the Bradford pears at the approach to the nearby sub-division are about to pop open too. Always so pretty---like popcorn. Rain is on the way later tonight and tomorrow but I hope the temps don't drop like a rock once they showers clear out.

Well, I didn't get a lick of stitching done on my redwork hearts at the meeting even though I drug them along. That's fine though. I've got the rest of the evening to play. 3 1/2 blocks to go and I could conceivably have all 12 done by the weekend. Woohoo!

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  1. Seems like spring is coming here too! Love your daffodil picture.


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