Dec 17, 2010

I think I've got it!

Oh, but I stayed up far too late last night drawing and re-arranging the lower half of the quilt. I was half listening to the "Burn Notice" season finale with the TV at my back that I was up actually watching the encore performance till one-------and then still couldn't go to sleep!

TADA! I'm not saying that I won't flip stuff around again or make some more substitutions in the block holder spots. Some of the blocks in my previously started projects may still show up in here. A row of hearts or those candy canes may become a mix of blocks by the time I actually execute my design, LOL. Just sayin'.

The empty spots will contain re-sized patterns such as a snowglobe, reindeer possibly with a sleigh, gingerbread house and the like. The larger one spot atop will have one of the applique patterns original to the quilt. If you are recall, I gave away my copy of the book and patterns but I would have made substitutions anyway.

I am going to write up a document to remind myself of what I have in mind before my "notes get cold" Some will be foundation pieced and I will need to know the block sizes and what size to cut the applique bases. A little more planning to do, in other words. Who knows? One of these days I can actually start working on this!

Here is what occupied a part of my day yesterday. DJ had wanted Christmas ideas for me and I told him I wanted some stacking drawers to replace my worn out UFO hamper. I re-loaded the unit after lunch and purged. I like the idea that things are a little more visible so I can see what is actually in there. Some bags contain a quick project that can just be grabbed and worked on. Another, I still can't figure out what Mom and I were planning to do with the kit contents, LOL. We have since learned to either put a copy of the magazine page or sketch with it.

My goal in the next year is to actually work on some of these things and get this emptied out a bit. Trust me, there is more in here---all those pizza boxes with UFOs and/or kits! I count 20.

And here is the desk sentry. I am never quite sure just what he wants---food or play. Maybe both. Eventually he gets his way provided I figure it out OR he finds something else to amuse himself.

It will soon be time for lunch and then run a few errands. Mr. Mr. needs some cat food plus a run to the recycle center and drop some stuff off at the thrift store. Thank goodness, the sun has finally come out and the threat of freezing rain/ice is gone, for a little while anyway.

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  1. I love the draft of the quilt! You are really good at that EQ stuff!

    It looks like you have done some reorganizing. I think you will like the stacking drawers. I have a unit that i make use of for my strings.

    Only 20 UFO's? That isn't bad...if you say it quickly. LOL

    Excellent picture of Skyler. It looks like he is posing!

  2. I really, really like the layout of your quilt... I think it will be spectacular! Isn't it fun to reorg...and find things you may have not thought about for a while?

  3. You did alot more work on that layout! If there is anything else you need from that Oxmoor book, the one I picked up at Treasures is still here. It wasn't quite complete when I got it, and I know I sent you something from it...but, I'm just sayin', if you do, hollar!
    Love the more organized look. I'm getting there gradually. I have 3 drawer roll carts, but will have to check out the larger one. I need at least one more.
    Skyler has gotten so grown up! And what a tall and elegant cat he is. Ebby still looks like a black watermelon with a tail when she lays down...LOL Hate to see her if her diet wasn't restricted! Good luck figuring out that mystery project...I learned the hard way to write stuff down..LOL Hugs, Finn

  4. Love your quilt design! Are you going to let us make it with you???

    When you get done re-organizing, you can come do's AWFUL!


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