Dec 1, 2010

sidewalk supervisors

I should be working on my challenge quilt but I decided that I would put up the Christmas decorations instead. The prospect of pressing all the pre-washed fabrics really has no appeal to me.

I must have made umpteen trips back and forth from the outside utility room and the shed, with no help from the hubby. He could have at least offered to carry the boxes in, but no. Not sure why he is so tired when he didn't do anything, LOL. The tree is NOT up and that is HIS job. You can bet he will think he needs my help in hanging ornaments when it is time. No doubt he feels that December 1st is too early to be thinking of the holidays.

And here is the OTHER sidewalk supervisor. He is not much help either. I made sure to use some handi-tack behind the angel as DJ has knocked it off a time or two and definitely on the two sheep as Skyler has taken off with them before. If I don't put any other decorations, the nativity set always goes up.

I have shown picture of the decorations before so won't post more though things have turned up in different spots this year. My display space always seems to be shrinking. I forgot that I tossed both of my sorry looking wreaths last year and did not get/make anything to replace them. The front door needs something so I will have to give that some thought as to what I want.


  1. Hey! I looked just like DJ while DH & DD were busy with our tree! :)

  2. Those sidewalk supervisors need jobs! Work is not a spectator sport in my house. LOL

    Lets see if the sheep stays put this year!


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