Dec 22, 2010

WIP Weds, wk #51

Not the best picture but I am quilting my long ago Christmas log cabin. I am not even sure when exactly that this top was made---just that was started after I had been asked to show a class at the tech school in Jacksonville how to piece. I had shared my strip boxes with the class. Sometime in the last 10 yrs anyway, LOL.

I know you don't usually sash these but there was just sooooo much red and green that it needed the gold that I had used at the centers. It is big but with thin batting I have not been struggling with it as much as I thought I might. I was not sure how I wanted to quilt it but it occured to me to just quilt a big star on it with multi-color red and green quilting thread. I've quilting on it for two days and have 12 of the 48 blocks to go.

LOL, you know where to find me--watching movies or Hulu on the computer and finishing up tomorrow. And if you were wondering, this was NOT on my "10n10" list but it will be one less thing atop the bedroom dresser in the coming year.

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