Apr 11, 2012

16 patches and other stuff

What a good meeting we Bama Belles had yesterday!  We had two guests:  Bev's neighbor who has sewn in the past but does not quilt came along with her and we had a little almost one year old grand come w/ her Mim.  Let me tell you, Lily Grace was charming everyone in her path,  including the pastor.

We also a couple of sharing/learning opportunities.  Bev showed us how she does her dimensional flowers.  I had a planned demo on how to mark bias lines for cross hatching as well as how to cut bias and use bias press bars---two things that had come in conversation since our last meeting.   Another opportunity came up because Lois had brought in some orphan blocks and some foundation piecing printouts to share.  I had the machine set up for my demo so I sat Bev and Rita down to show her how to get started with that.

Teresa got her special quilt for her recently married DS and DIL pinned and she is on the right track now about piecing a huge back for another special quilt for her husband.  I had helped her trim and square that up a few meetings back.  It's the Desert Mirage shown HERE.   My pinned  donation stack atop the armoire increased by 2 (now 11 but one is not mine)  and I think Lois had two tops as well.  One of them a "Chiclet/Whatever You Want to Call It".

Seeing her quilt got me thinking, especially since we are having the sew-in day in two weeks time.  We plan on focusing on 2 1/2 inch strips, 2 1/2 inch squares and charm squares.  So what ideas can we use to use up those scraps.

I had seen a pieced heart block on FB that a friend's quilt shop was using for a cancer fund raiser.  They called it "Fight Like a Quilter"  I'll find the link and update this.  Anyway, it is a block that I have seen before but drew up in EQ.  Lots of 2 inch squares for a finished 10 inch block---bigger if you frame it all around with background fabric.

Then I was drawing again this morning---  "Road to St. Louis" that is shown in Trudie Hughes book Even More.   I could have sworn that I actually have the blue I show cut out for this but I cannot lay my hands on it anywhere.  I know there is a pile of 2 1/2 inch cut squares around here as well so it is possible that it is all in the same location, bagged up.   This will work if you keep the background and flying geese/hour glass blocks a constant.

Another one that intrigues me is Sunny Lanes.  This one looks a little more planned with the way I have it colored.  I re-drew it to eliminate some lines where the blocks would join meaning that it is assembled more by the row, instead of piles of individual blocks.

Then we have the "Chiclets/whatever you want to call it" .  I arranged this one like a strippie with a half step drop.  I have another version drawn like a zig zag and have actually made that version, some time block.  Why do I call it "whatever you want to call it" , you might ask??  See that post from back in April 06.  I know of at least 4 ways to piece it and they all end up looking the same.  So who do you give credit for it???

And here is the last one I was fiddling with though it will not use 2 inch squares.   The block is called Bridle Path  Brackman #1150 but I modified the center section, put it on point and added a snowball block alternating.

Actually I have piece a limited pallete donation quilt using a sashed and cornerstoned version-----kind of a Valentine's Day look, as I recall.  The center is slightly different but it has a few more lines eliminated at center.

I have some quilting to do---2 button ups, Bloom and that a little basket block I whipped up for my May multi-seasonal banner.  I don't know how much I'll get done since DJ is on the list for a haircut and I'll have to cut supper at some point.   Tomorrow I would like to get ready for the Saturday purse/backpack class and bake some cookies to share so I best get busy with today's plans.   I won't have to haul my machine on Friday if I have binding to do.

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  1. this computer program looks like fun, what is it called? love your heart


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