Apr 30, 2012

FAB challenge---some progress

I have continued to work on the "My Sunshine" FAB challenge piece throughout the weekend and was pleased to get 4 blocks completed and attached before I quit for the evening last night.  Woohoo!  Finally got a little something I can show on the blog anyway.

But this morning I took a good look at it and realized that the 4th block of a barn raising set needed to start angling down the other direction if the chains are to be symmetrical.  Oh oh!  I knew I had directional prints at the centers.  That meant that I was going to have to watch  how the rings of color were placed.  The blocks cannot be rotated in quarter turn increments as one normally would do this set.    Here I had started ALL the black strips on the left hand vertical on all the blocks.  On closer inspection, 4th block starts on the top, 5th block on the bottom and 6th block on the top.  I caught it before I got too far in though and it wasn't all stitched together.  Minor un-sewing on the center I plan to use for the 5th and 6th.  I had a doctor's appointment so just stuff the mess in purse with a seam ripper and did it while I waited to be seen.

Here it is 2:30 or so and I am back where I was at 6:30 BUT fixed.  Well, make that a little bit ahead since the black frames are fixed on the end blocks.    That 4th block is NOT wonky---what sits behind it on the book shelf juts out so it is making it look like I messed up----AGAIN!   32 blocks to go!

I had all the colored strips cut out last week but elected to leave them as strips and cut them to size as I need them for each round, isolating one block at a time to follow the color placement around the cut panel pieces. I am liking the Marti Michell for 1 and 2 inch finished width log cabin ruler for doing this.  It is really easy to see where the length lines need to be cut as there are not cluttering lines.  Log cabins are a personal pattern favorite of mine so I can see using this again and again.   I've got tons of strips in the scrap bags!

This is how it started off life with some strips Cher included in with the panel gift.  The wider ones were cut down for this project but the red dot strip wound up in the Album blocks I was making last week.  I will feature the small panel pieces and the whacked up panel bits in the centers of the log cabins as you see above.  Even the three mountain pieces are cut apart!

I didn't get to Sisters on my Dream Trip to Oregon a few years back but I did see the Sisters peaks from the air!  Pat and her daughter were on the same flight as I was to Dallas but sitting a few seats up from me.  (We would take flights to BHM and WI respectively from there get home.) The lady that Pat was sitting with was either from Oregon or traveled there often.  She pointed the peaks out to Pat and then Pat to me.  Of course, there was Mount Hood on the flight into PDX as well.  Beautiful, just beautiful.   Maybe someday  I'll make it back that way---the dream continues.

I am hoping that I will get in a bit of a rhythm on the blocks because I would like to get the bulk of this pieced in the next two weeks time, rather than abandon another top like I did last week.  There is a quilt show this weekend and I have entries to deliver for that by mid week and the show itself is Saturday.  Other than that this is the quieter week.  Next week, not so much!

And sew it goes-----------


  1. glad you spotted the change before too late! Michelle dream continues to Oregon and British Columbia, Canada!

  2. I LOVE how the center has a black frame. It really sets it off.


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