May 3, 2012

what do you do if you are NOT sewing

Here is what I have so far on "My Sunshine"   10 blocks are done.  Yeah, two are almost invisible in this shot.  A 5th block for the 2nd two is half done and its neighbor is dismantled to re-sew the black framing logs.   The whole next row is also dismantled.  It will feature two birds. a section of the river and three squares with the Sisters range of mountains or whatever their correct name is.   It is also where I left off Tuesday evening about 9:30 p.m.

DJ says "it is not like you to make so many mistakes"  Just a miscalculation on the starts of the blocks, that's all.  A good bit of unsewing, yes, but it is also a learning experience---of what NOT to do, LOL.  Still I am seeing the bands of color are doing what they are supposed to do.

I had initially planned on sewing yesterday at least to finish up the 2nd row and join it to the top one.  That would be 1/3rd done since there are 6 rows of 6 blocks for a total of 36.  Did not happen.  Since the month changed, I switched out the wall hangings to reflect that it is May.  "Spring" came down as I needed it for a quilt show and something else is temporarily taking its place.  I vacuumed up the threads that were littering the sewing/computer room floor from all that un-sewing and sewing that stayed in..  Laundry was done.

I have 6 quilted pieces entered in the Golden Springs Baptist Church Car and Quilt show this coming Saturday.  I needed to get those in the pillow cases for the show and delivered yesterday morning.  This is catty corner from the church where we meet, some 20 minutes away from my home.  Our quilt batting order had come so I dropped that off.  66 yards of 48 inch lowest loft poly that we can get and crammed in a bag that is smaller than you would think could possibly hold it.  I tore the box open the rest of the way so we can wind it on the cores on Tuesday----let the wrinkles relax a bit.  I had other errands to run on the way home.

Once home, there were emails to write, blades to pack up to send in for exchange/purchase, bank and post office errands for quilt group matters.  By then I was looking at 3 p.m.  I balanced two checking accounts and then I started cleaning out a desk drawer that had reached saturation point.  I overworked my little paper shredder since I had stuff from back to 09 in there.  My waste basket is filled with confetti and so was the floor. By then it was 9 p.m and that means jammie time for this girl.  The Cardinals were probably going to win with a 10 run lead in the top of the 7th---probably safe to stop listening to the coverage.

While my husband washed and waxed my car, it was bagging up a bunch of books to take to the donation bin, dusting with all that book moving around, another post office stop, a trip to the recycle center in town and a long phone call re: a financial matter.  I vacuumed yet again for the confetti mess and the dusting aftermath.  We are getting rid of a small bookcase that has sat in the hallway since we moved here 15 years ago but it is also one of my decorating areas.  Oh well---don't need it anymore.  Less is more, after all.

This afternoon I read up on how to clean out an iron in a non-toxic manner as mine was heating but not steaming and the shot of steam was not working at all.  Rather than look for a replacement, I thought I better try cleaning it  out first.  Weird thing is, I forgot mine has a self cleaning button till after I had done what THIS ARTICLE  said to do----run some white vinegar through the iron's water reservoir.  Keep pressing or keep hitting the shot of steam.   I did this till the water had emptied out and then ran two "tanks" of water through the iron, the 2nd one through the self cleaning button over a 11-7 baking dish till I knew the water was clear.   DJ comes down the hall and says "what's that smell?"  I told him "hot pickles" and hit the shot of steam to demonstrate.  You can tell it is a cooler overcast day or I would have been complaining about the heat and steam.  I probably smell like a pickle too or my clothing does!!  I must remember to dump out the water when I am done sewing for the day---bad, Linda, bad!!  I do still need to track down some sole plate cleaner though since I do use a good bit of fusible stuff for applique though someone may have an idea and lately some starch products.

We just got some good rainfall for a little while anyway----I only see a quarter inch in our gauge.  A few thunder rumbles and Skyler was in hiding for a bit.  We have had very little rain considering it is spring and we are way behind on our totals.  According to the paper, we have only had .094 reported for the year compared to 20.47 last year for the same time period.   Normals would be 18.96 inches.  Not the severe drought they are having in Georgia and Florida especially but behind.   I don't want storms but some slow steady rain would be helpful about now.

Since I still don't feel like sewing today, I think maybe some handwork would be in order.  Think I'll get started on the handwork on the binding of  76 bow ties QOV---right after I dust this desk and keyboard.   This room is the dust and lint capital of the world!

And sew it goes----

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