May 21, 2012

how goals become goals

My pal Norma is on holiday today---I think it is Victoria Day up there in BC---and we have been chatting on IM a bit.

I finished up the July embroidery block yesterday and started the next one which is an egg basket. Stitching has continued this morning.  Norma left to get her day started, that two hour time difference between here and there, after all.  I kept stitching and at some point I said this----

Linda J says

I am going to set up to quilt in a bit (meaning as soon as I ran out of thread in my needle)  

Norma says
tired of stitching?
Linda J says
no never! or seldom anyway

Norma says
mix things up a bit? or you have a list of things to tackle too!

Linda J says
no, I just need to move that qov forward so I can turn it in next meeting
I have a list at least in my head I do
there are three bed quilts that I want to finish----cheap trick, pop stix and the Fab challenge
and of course that monstrous pile in the bedroom to quilt

Norma says
that never goes down!

Linda J says
and I want to start the farmers  wife sampler
those are the primary things
oh and the paint chip challenge August button up before that for sure

Norma says
your list is growing!

Linda J says
and while we are at it, more album blocks for that donation quilt
I really should ACTUALLY write it down

Norma says
it is easier to adjust if it is in your head!  lol


And there you have it---stated goals though note that I did not leave a time frame for all this to get done with the exception of the one quilt I should be working on.

My mom called this morning with news that she had found some basket fabric, probably the very yardage I was looking for about two months back.  Quite the treasure trove apparently, LOL but she said my name was on it and I see a basket block sampler quilt for sure on my horizon.  Pals Maggie and Sheila had also helped me out when I needed some for May basket and Easter basket and there is fabric left for such a purpose.  Another one for the mental or written list.  OR some might go in the Farmers Wife Sampler since there are several basket blocks in it.

Also on another front, I am starting my walking program again after about a year and half of  laying off.  I have been trying to make myself get started for a month now.  This morning was it. I had tried his recumbent bike a few days ago but it hurt my knees and I would rather walk.  I am going to start slow and go everything day till I get back in shape a bit more and gradually increase my laps.  I went 1.1/4 laps this morning fairly easily so doubt I will remain at that level long.  Saying it out loud strengthens my resolve.  

I do not quite understand my husband's reaction when I came home though.  I have quilt group tomorrow so I had taken a couple things out of my car trunk so I can replace them with what I am dragging to the meeting before I came in the house.   He says "oh I thought you went walking"  I tell him I had.  He says "you don't look like you did"  not that he thought I was lying.   I guess since I didn't have my old walking outfit on and he didn't see the mp3 player around my neck past the things I was carrying.  Or I didn't look overheated and sweating enough???  I was not running nor am I ever apt to. The correct response should have been something along the lines of "Good to see that you moved beyond the thinking about it stage.  Proud of you, keep it  up"  In previous years he would be telling me that I was pushing it too much, I didn't have to go every day and get on me for being too gung-ho.  Do you want me to go or don't you?

Guess that's it---a row quilt is waiting and that flying geese row has my name on it.

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  1. Very crafty of you Linda--no specific time frame for most of your list! LOL

    Good for you to get back to the regular walking. I have also been toying with that idea. We did go out one night for a walk after supper, but haven't made it out for a second walk. I guess I am a fair weather walker and the weather lately has been too cold and wet to interest me much. ...or at least that is my story and I am sticking to it! LOL


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