May 18, 2012

Fight Like a Quilter "Many Hearts" blocks

Yesterday's output----Block 1

I don't know if you can see it or not but the little nine patch at the bottom was my first attempt.  The yellow with the whitish splotch on it must have been mis-cut a hair because the seam finished a bit too small in both spots that I used it.  I wrote a big old NO on it and then didn't bother to un-sew it.  Parts of it could have probably been re-used.

They asked that yellows, teals and blue be in the block but we could add stuff from our stash.  The blocks I saw on the shops facebook page look a good deal more yellow, LOL BUT I didn't get a fabric kit.  They get what they get, right?

Wouldn't this be pretty done up in 30 reproductions as well?
Here was my 2nd attempt so maybe it is a bit lighter.

The pieced part of the block finishes at 10 inches but the sashing bits bumped it up to 14 inches which looks huge to me!  If I were to make this again using my own stash or cut squares I would be tempted to go with 2 inch cut instead of 2.5.  My Bama Belles pals might well recognize some of these scraps from the Spring Sew-In since we were sharing from our strip/cut squares containers.

My friend Maggie told me this morning that the quilt shop (Fabricate in Bar Harbor, ME) had met recently to assemble some of the donation blocks into the first top.   They will be selling raffle tickets throughout the summer and fall with the drawing in early November of this year.  By making a block I get 5 automatic chances at it.   They had received 70 blocks to this point and it looks like they used 24 or 25 in the first one.

So what do I want to do this afternoon?   My low back is squawking at me a bit so I don't know that I feel like wrestling a quilt around and quilting.  I enjoyed sewing yesterday so maybe do a few more album blocks, last seen HERE.    I started those at the sew-in last month and set it aside for the FAB challenge log cabin which also was set aside.   I have two bed sized quilts essentially half done that I really should allow myself to finish.   I can also think of a couple of things I would like to do as a reward once the tops are done.  Think that is why I got stalled out??  Well, today I'll just sew some blocks and not think past that, other than just how many do I need for a pro bono top???

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