May 8, 2012

Meeting Day

Job one today-----wind 66 yards of batting onto two cardboard cores.  I had dropped one box of our shipment off last week when I was delivering my quilt entries across the street from our meeting place.  I unboxed it so was not surprised when the storage closet was almost pushed  open by the batting roll on the other side of the door.

Bev and then Lois lent a hand in getting this rolled off the giant roll.  Since Lois had three tops to pin we just rolled off what her quilts required while we were at it.

Here is a boy themed rag quilt that Bev had turned in for the kids.  Cute, huh?  Teresa has one as well but hers still needs to be clipped and laundered so I told her I would wait to take the picture for our photo album.

We were missing a few of our regulars today but Nancy and Julie stopped by.  Later Aline came with her little great-grand Lilly.  Lilly just turned a year old recently and was charming all of us.  Aline had an adorable Turning Twenty top that we pinned---lots of dots and bright colors.  Apparently sewing is a bit challenging when Lilly keeps her hopping as she does.  Go figure!  For that reason I am going to quilt the top up.  She may get it back for binding detail though.

And this is a quilt that Teresa made for her son and daughter-in-law as their wedding present.  I believe she used a pattern from Maryquilts but I am not sure what Mary called it.  It is a double rail type block obviously---endless stairs, maybe??  The red and black were the theme colors picked by the bride.

We had pinned this recently and Teresa quilted it herself.  She is fairly new to quilting but is doing well.  I showed her how to do the blind hem applique stitch on the binding today.  As I am incessantly saying it is NOT a hemming stitch like a skirt---you hide the stitches!  I had to drag over a lamp I had left at the meeting site so we could see, LOL--dark red/black print backing and black binding!  As soon as she gets this finished up it will be presented to the bride and groom so I DID take a shot of it though it is not quite done.

I had planned to sew a bit more on "My Sunshine" today but I ended up helping to pin and just did not get to it.  Even had my sewing machine with me but never did get around to threading it.  That's okay though.  I can sew at home and it is better to stay flexible on meeting days.  Help out where I can or provide instruction if asked, whatever needs to be addressed.  A couple of us headed out to lunch after we got the meeting room back in order and went on home from there.

That stack in the bedroom is getting so high that I am thinking about setting up to quilt instead of piece.  The machine I use to piece is packed up so it would be easy enough to swap things out.  I count 13 quilts---1 QOV, 12 kids pro bono quilts ten of which are me generated.  Several of the gals have asked if I have any binding that they could help with----nope, not till I get them quilted.  It may be time.

And sew it goes---------


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