May 7, 2012

My Sunshine invasion

After taking a few needed days off from My Sunshine, I picked it back up again after I got back from Sunday afternoon's board meeting.    The black framing rounds were e-sewn on the last remaining block on row 2 and the six blocks in row 6.  I finished up block 5 before I called it a night.

What I have done and attached is on the hanger.

Then we have the cutting station.  If I am going to take this to work on at Belles tomorrow, and I might, I need to get some of the strips cut ahead for row 3.  Get on a roll and keep going and do it in a pared down manner.  You see the log cabin ruler pressed into place.  The magnifying glass and the printout with the sticky notes are so I can isolate just one block across the row.  The pizza box is full of the strips laid out in the green side and the blue side of the logs.

The blocks with their strips---all numbered and 4 more to go.  I also opened up the pdf file and magnified it so I can follow which way the rounds start and rotate around the center square.  They are directional fabrics so I cannot just rotate the blocks on this Barn Raising set as one could normally do.  What you may not be able to see is that my sticky notes have arrows drawn on them to indicate where to stop and start the rotation.  While I needed that MORE with the black logs it is still helpful information so I don't start adding the print strips on the wrong side of the block.

My goal for today is to get this much ready of the top ready to sew, finish the last block of the 2nd row and then join the top two rows.  Then dismantle the next 6 blocks while I have decent light in the sewing room.  Some progress anyway.

And now for "something completely different"-----
last week I emptied out the books that remained on the little book shelf in the hallway that had been in that position essentially since 1997.  Look who cannot leave that spot alone!  If he thinks he is hiding, he isn't, LOL.  Maybe he just needs to add his scent to that little patch of the carpet??

We had some rain move into the area a couple times yesterday.  Earlier in the day I had questioned whether I would even be making the trip to Pell City since radar showed storms above and below us.  Which way were they moving??  They kept saying that the track at Talladega was okay and that was the general direction I was heading.  Fortunately we were done before the last NASCAR race let out so traffic was not a problem.  About  11-11:30 last night more rain literally blew in.  You could see it actually blowing up the lane south to north at angle and hear it hitting the south end of the house.  DJ said we had 1.25 in the gauge for the day so that will help the lack of rain situation a bit.

Guess that's it----quilt show pics next time out, promise!

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