May 5, 2012

Still not sewing?

Still not sewing??  Then more cleaning but toss in cooking two meals instead of the usual one and some baking to boot, LOL.   DJ had neglected to pick up some of his awful store bought oatmeal cookies---he has one or two after lunch and after dinner.   I offered to make some "not a bday" cupcakes that he should have gotten when it WAS his birthday.

I used  the Chocolate Nutella Cupcake recipe from 52 Kitchen Adventures blog, scratch baked since I didn't have any cake mixes on hand.  That's okay though I like to scratch bake.  I had time to play in the kitchen---not sewing, after all.  The cake part is good, moist, dark chocolate taste but they sunk a bit in the middle.  Not at first but it may have been when I switched the pans around and took the larger pan out to test.   Also I noticed that the temperature dial had moved from where I had set it too far into the baking.   I decided that I do NOT like messing with those paper liners.  They do not fit the holes in the pan, fan out and then you can't get the batter into them without them folding or dumping.

I let DJ test the missing cake as it had stuck to the pan when I removed it to the rack to cool before I frosted them.  He liked the cake but said it needed frosting---which I had made up so I glopped a bit on his uneaten portion, LOL.   The frosting is wonderful --- chocolate, nutella-- how bad could that be??  Other than the obvious fat levels, I mean.   I wanted to play with the piping tip of the Wilton Decorator thing I had recently bought but obviously could use more practice.   DJ spotted me and told me if I got good then he had some caulking I could do on our siding.  Nope, that's your job, Honey but thanks for the vote of confidence!  Most of these are going in the freezer.  I'll pick up his cardboard cookies tomorrow when I go to get groceries.

I posted this bit of nostalgia on facebook where they had been posting old washtubs and washboards, wringer washer etc.  I have a pictures of me outside in a washtub---that started my trip down memory lane. I had a picture with Dave and Mom at the wringer washer too.  Maybe an old Sunbeam mixer will be next?   In this shot Mom was obviously making something.  The fact that we three kids are gathered around the mixer must be because we were ready to lick the beaters and spatula/bowl if offered.   I'm guessing she was making cake and this is the frosting.  Such a look of concentration on my little face!  Budding baker??  I am 6, Steve 5, Dave 3 assuming this was early in the 1959 folder.

And a little detective work on  my part:  my sister Janet scanned most of the family slides and made us discs of the images. If the number assigned to the slide used the information Dad gave it originally, it may have been for Dad's graduation from Northern Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL back in 1959. ( OR it could have been his April birthday.)    A subsequent shot shows my grandparents with several aunts and a uncle gathered around the table having punch and cake---yellow cake with white frosting.  The following images show the church in rural Wisconsin that was my dad's first pastorate and where he was ordained the following year.  Memories!

So today----more binding ahead on the 76 Bowties QOV.  I can turn it in Saturday since the quilt guild will be meeting.  Some weeks I just barely leave the house but will not be the case this coming week with a board meeting in Pell City tomorrow, Belles on Tuesday and back over to Pell City for the guild meeting Saturday.    Today is the Golden Springs Quilt and Car Show and I'll run out this afternoon since I will need to bring my entries home as well.

There you have it for today's installment-------

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  1. You may not have been quilting, but you were busy! Looking at your photo of you and your siblings watching your mom make the frosting reminds me of how I spent my day yesterday--scanning photos for my kids. It sounds like your Dad had a great idea with the list that went with the scanned photos, giving the details of the photo. Once I get all my pictures scanned, I will have to remember to go back and do that--excellent idea!


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