May 26, 2012

900th post/missing quilt picture

I have reached a bit of a milestone today as this is my 900th post. No give-aways, sorry to disappoint you. Others may do that, but I haven't anywhere along the way so why start now? I figure I give enough away with all the donation quilts over the years. If you quilt, then you have no doubt have other resources for getting fabric packs, quilt books and patterns and such.  Boosting my readership has never been what this is about anyway.

I started back in February 2006 egged on my some of FAB pals. I lost the first 6 wks of my blog in a move of sheer stupidity on my part but nonetheless, that is when I started.   Here it is six years later and I am still at it. At the time one of my sister-in-laws asked me "why?"  Admittedly, it is a limited audience that I am speaking to but I have always looked at this as my journal. Read it if you want--some do, some don't.   Some, like me,  have too many people in their blog lists to conceivably follow and still get any sewing or quilting done. Hey, some people in my little quilt group don't read it either. They are seldom on the computer and don't even see the email newsletter/announcements that take me a few hours to write up, LOL.  Whatever---I do it for me. If I DON'T post occasionally, then I get calls and emails asking where I am. I still don't know if my SIL thought I didn't have anything to share or what? My life is that boring?  Well maybe it is but I still keep blogging.  I preferred not to take offense or look for hidden meanings, then or now.

Yesterday I recently put the label tags on the blog shell and spent a chunk of a rotten afternoon editing those. (I won't get into why it was rotten---I will start ranting and whining again. FB already heard about it) I guess that is how I will celebrate the milestone, fixing those little typos and organizing the titles so the list won't be quite as long.  It may make it a little easier for me to find certain things anyway.  Well, it worked yesterday when someone called needing a link to Disappearing 4 patch.  Yeah, you can google it but where is the fun in that?  I was looking at the list when she called.

Coincidentally as I was editing,  I found at least the pinned version of the missing quilt picture from the last meeting wrap up. (See below). This is Lois's Leftovers quilt that I think came from a Fons and Porter magazine. She could not recall the pattern name when I asked so that is what I am calling it on my document----which still needs updated, come to think of it, LOL.  I am proud to show you the quilts that my little quilt group has been making over the years and hope we can inspire you as well.

Thanks for hanging out with me, commenting, laughing and/or commiserating with me and inspiring me in ways one could never have imagined six years ago.    The best part of all? Making new friends who share my love of quilting.  May we all never run out of fascination with our craft and help it continue on to future generations----------

and sew it goes-------


  1. I love that quilt! Very scrappy which I love. I am enjoying the blogging adventure, too. Just don't have a lot to say, yet. Hope you have a better day. I'm glad you blog, because that is how I found you!

  2. Congrats on the milestone! Love your blog, you are inspiring to us all.

  3. What a pleasure it is to pop in and see a bit of your work and fun...thank you for blogging, and congratulations!

  4. Wow, 900 posts and 6 years! Two great accomplishments! Your blog has inspired me from the beginning. Our blogs reflect our mutual love of quilting and also helped us to connect and become friends. May you have many more years of quilting and blogging ahead of you! Congratulations, again my friend!

  5. Congratulations! And I agree with you - I blog for ME - if you read it - great - if you don't - oh, well - ;)) I liked your bit about the labels - I am really bad at that - so I cheated and added a "Search" box gadget. Hopefully it makes it easier to find stuff on my blog. I'm coming up on 400 posts - so I don't have even half the number of your posts - but way too many to re-label - that's for sure. Anyway - keep up the blogging - I love reading about your world - ;))

  6. Congratulations on your huge milestone :) I am just coming back to blogging after a very very long break, I realized I loved going back and reading old posts and if I didn't make new ones I would be sorry later!
    xoxo melzie

  7. Congratulations, Linda! You are an inspiration to many, including me. Here's to another 6 years or 900 posts, whichever comes first ;)


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