May 9, 2012

Golden Springs Baptist Quilt and Car show, part 1

A few of the quilts that caught my eye at the quilt show this past Saturday-------they had a program printed up so I will use the descriptions provided.

1-12  Mountain Mist pattern by Doris Swanson 1942-1944.  The woman who owns it submitted the following:  "My grandmother made many quilts during her retirement years.  Each of the four granddaughters received two at the time of her death.  My sister and I stayed in their home during months of High School.  I was privileged to watch her as many were being made on big quilting frames"  I believe it is type of dahlia pattern as the petals were raised.  I love the yellow!

1-26  Emily's Quilt "made by her great-aunt Linda Stedham for her newly painted lavender bedroom.  Emily's favorite color in 2010 was purple."

1-28  Mother's Handkerchief by Mary Ann Lipham, 2012.  "While cleaning out my mother's home after her death, I found a bundle of old handkerchiefs she had kept.  I made this quilt in memory of her."

1-31 Christmas Sampler by Beverly H and members of the JOY Quilt Guild, 2008.  Beverly said "Some members of quilt guild made squares, then we traded squares.  I participated two years until I had 24 squares.   I had to make several to have enough.  I put the quilt together and it was quilted by Susan Walls".   Beverly is also a member of my little quilt group.

1-44.  Lotsa Potsa by Brenda M, 2009.  "This is a quilter's rendition of floral topiaries in an attic window setting."  Brenda is also one of my Bama Belles.

1-59  Drunkard's Path---maker unknown.  Shawnee wrote "I bought this quilt top for $65 in 2000.  It is hand quilted and appeared to be old.  I am sad for the family of the person who made this quilt that a piece of their heritage is lost to them but happy for me that this quilts has a found a loving home."

2-16 Log Cabin by Brenda M, 2007.  "This is a color wave Log Cabin pattern."

2-17  DeColores by Brenda M, 2009.  "DeColores is the greeting to others when you have attended the Walk to Emmaus or Vio de Cristo.  It means "All the Colors" in nature and under God."

3-2 Friendship Quilt of Valor by Shawnee W., 2011.  "This quilt was made for a veteran at the new veteran's facility to be opened  in 2012 in Pell City.  A thank you for his/her service to our country.  Quilted and pieced by Navy Veterans, Shawnee W and Margaret R."

Our friend Bev had a bunch of QOV tops but I will post them in a separate post---part 2 if you will.

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  1. I love a good quilt/car show combo. Quilts for me and cars for hubby. It's a win-win.


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