May 17, 2012

Journey of a thousand steps.................

There have been a little progress around here in the "preparing to sew" department.  I pulled the two main fabric bins out that contain my green fabric stash and tried to what I had that would work for the Paint Chip Challenge.  When I found the light colored tones and couple darks that possibly work, I knew that my idea to proceed with the August Button Up was probably the way to go.  The light greens are for the watermelon rind area and darks for the rind itself.  Even if some of these are not quite the "right" shade for the paint chip deal they WILL work for the overall project as there are 6 different blocks.  The notes on the paint chip card are the shades of Moda Marble that I thought were close if I had to buy some yardage.

The pattern shows a black with red and green print for the sashing that I in no way can duplicate.  Either of the bits on the top would work and the top one probably more so because there is some red in it.  That choice will depend on what I use as the background in the block.  (They show 6 different light and dark greens, red, creams, etc in the pattern photo.)  I was light on rosy-pinky reds so I ordered some of that but refrained from any more than that preferring to use my stash where I could.   I can use some of the same colors in the May basket button up when I get around to it.   That last swirly piece on the bottom of the stack may be the backing. 

Speaking of the May Button Up, yesterday I found something that I like way more by the same designers.  The  Martingale Publishing blog  had some free summer themed patterns offered from some of  books of their stable of authors.  Of course, the Freebie #4 Liberty Door Panel Quilt caught my eye because it is from the Joined at the Hip gals.   Whats more, it is just 4 inches narrower than the button up panels so it would need only a few minor adjustments on the vertical sides to bump it up.  So a click on the book title Folk Art Favorites  and it shows more images shows.  There is  that same house but #3 in the slideshow has a cool harvest quilt and I LOVE #4 Bloom better than the May Button Up.    Bloom could cover BOTH May and June but again, would need the width bumped up.  Harvest could cover the rather plain September Button Up for September and October.  That is, IF I go that route.  Just scheming at the moment or rather imagining the possibilities.  Sometimes that is all it takes for me to get out the sewing doldrums.  That and giving myself permission NOT to quilt on that stack that is taunting me right now.  Journey of a thousand steps................

This is what I am actually preparing to sew after spending some time cutting yesterday and some time this morning when I laid hands on the WOW I had tucked away "in a safe place".  Fabricate quilt shop in Bar Harbor, Maine that is the home shop for a dear long time online friend is sponsoring a Fight Like a Quilter "Many Hearts" quilt block.  The local participants purchased a kit for a $5 donation, every cent of it,  to raise funds for those fighting ovarian cancer and off set their travel costs for treatment.  Maggie had done me some favors recently and this is one way I can repay her for her kindnesses.  Being so far away, I did not get the quilt kit with their fabric strips but believe I can come close to the feel of their blocks in spite of that. The organizers emailed me the pattern and I'll send the donation with the block or blocks.  They plan to raffle the quilt(s) throughout the summer and fall and every block maker will automatically be entered in the pot 5 times.  I over-cut so they may get more than one or I'll keep the one that did not turn out near as well. 

And sew it goes----quilting waited this long what is another day ---or two?  Next time I post it will be an actual quilt block, not a sketch!

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  1. What beautiful green fabrics! I love your idea of combining the Button Up-Watermellon pattern with the paint chip challenge. A "two for one" deal! The greens you picked out will work perfectly!

    It sounds like you are stepping up to help with another chairity challenge--bless you!


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