Apr 16, 2012

Catch up post

As usual I have been keeping busy since my last week's mid-week post.

  • I quilted up Two Blonde Mice's "Bloom Where You're Planted"  shown HERE,  the two recently completed March and April Button Up wall hangings and a little slightly adapted  6 inch basket block from The Farmer's Wife Sampler that I whipped up last week.  (It is going to go a different wall hanging piece for May.)  Between quilting and baking up 5 dozen Oatmeal Toffee cookies for the sew-in that took care of two days "play time"

  • Friday was the Friendship Quilters Spring Fling Sew-In.  This time we were off to the Camp Chula Vista Christian Conference and Retreat Center near Pell City.  Well, the sew-in had actually started on Thursday but we had not planned to attend that day.  That's pushing it especially since I had been gone a good part of Tuesday for Bama Belles.  The building you see on the left that looks like a  modified T was where we met. We had two large rooms on the first level, one for our lunch and one for sewing.  I had been there before years ago for a retreat but we sewed on smaller rooms on the lower level---this was much better. The lodging rooms are just to the right and have been  recently renovated.  No TVs, phones or any of the typical hotel features but you are just in the rooms to sleep or rest at a retreat.   They are planning a retreat here in October and our next sew-in July may be here as well.   Lovely, peaceful setting back in the woods.   
image from their website

  • With all the quilting, I had not had time to cut or prepare the sections that needed to be interfaced prior to the sew-in.  It seemed like I spent an inordinate amount of time on Friday trying to get decor-bond to stick down to my fabric choices.  Jane and I left for home a little after 3 so I was home in time for supper.   Aline had come as well but drove herself.   She keeps her great-granddaughter a good bit and it was time for Lily Grace to see her maternal grandmother who lives near Pell City.  

  • I did not have the machine I wanted to use to sew some blocks for a quilt we will be raffling in the guild so I had  "homework" to do.  The prez and her helpers had paper bags set up with kits for the blocks.  We were to make up the block(s), put them back in the bag with our name on it and that would give us 5 chances towards winning the finished quilt.  Then we all can purchase tickets for the drawing to be done at our Christmas party.  This will be a fund raiser as we hope to get our own frames built for our next quilt show (in two years time) rather than scramble to borrow them from another guild.  So they used the granny square tutorial  from Blue Elephant's blog using a variety of greens and floral prints with the same  yellow centers and white background.  I made 3 of them but didn't take a picture.  Use your imagination, LOL.

  • Saturday, mostly I sewed though we had time out for a short business meeting, it being our normal 2nd Saturday meeting date.   Two members of the guild are getting married in early May down in New Orleans.  Margaret and her fiance Walt were feted with a lovely cake and a gift card from the guild.  

  • Mostly I sewed and sewed.......... and sewed some more.  Shelia was so patient trying to get me to a stopping off point.  I don't wear a watch so I had no way of knowing that it was almost 7 p.m. when I started packing up.  Bernèe and I were still stitching away, her on her Quilt of Valor and me on my version of Carol's Convertible Purse.   Shelia and Dixye have made several of these in the past.  The bag has long straps so you can use the purse as a backpack or carry it as a shoulder bag.   By the time I stopped to get a bite to eat in Pell City and drove home I pulled in my drive at 8:45, almost 12 hours since I had left the house that morning.  Good thing we had decided early on that I would drive myself!  Jane and Terri came together and could leave when they were ready.

  • Sunday---I had no intention of sewing all day!  I thought if anything, I could work on the binding on any of the recently quilted wall hangings.  Uh, that didn't happen.  I had grocery errands and supper to fix.    Poor neglected husband had had to fend for himself, LOL.  When I left Saturday mornings, I pointed out that there was ravioli in the freezer and "here's some pasta sauce to heat up"----surely he could take care of his supper if I was not home in time.  See above--- good thing he had not waited for me!  There was a Cardinal game to listen to on Gameday, computer stuff to fool with, day of rest though I later did finish up the little bit of sewing left to do on my bag.   

The two tweedy looking areas are exterior pockets.   Shelia had put little velcro tabs on hers which I sorta wish I had done but I was lagging behind the other two pupils.   She had used binding on the top of the pockets as well so it set them off a little better.   Denise was making hers for her granddaughter so had put a tab at least one side to hold a cell phone.  I like both ideas.   The pin is marking the spot where I have something planned.  

I had a little problem getting the interior lined up properly so ignore the rumples.  I'll do better on the next one as I think I would prefer putting binding all around the outside, skip the flap and put in a zipper placket like you do with the Tag-along Totes that I have made in the past.   I wanted to add in the key fob thing as it is a feature I like in one of my purchased pocket books.  Note the interior color as I have something more to say about it in a minute, LOL.  There is an interior pocket that Shelia suggested sewing some lines if you wanted separation for pens, etc but the pattern calls for an interior zipped pocket as well--behind the front of the purse.   I took these next two shots before it was technically finished if you spot a pin...... or four!

This is the back, with another zippered section.   Dixye has made a black and white fabric version of this and uses the back for her front.  This thing is so stiff with interfacing that it is standing alone pretty easily.  Not sure I would do that much of it again.  I swear that zipper line is in there straight, not leaning like this pictures is making it look.

That brings up to this morning----usual stuff.  Computer playing, following up on things from the quilt meeting, updating my blog (obviously!), laundry.  I still need to type up the rest of the meeting minutes so will do that shortly.  My sewing plans for the day include trying out one of Bev's flowers like the ones she did for Angellyn's quilt-----

I want to put the flower on the front flap to dress it up a bit with the leftover purple interior fabric and add a covered button or yo-yo for the center of the flower.  Maybe make another wonder wallet as well though I have one already that has the same fabric (in that tag-along tote link).  I carry two wallets though---one is mine and the other is the household grocery money.  I've got some pieces fused and cut already that I will probably have to toss if I don't make a wallet.  

Time to put the tuna melts in the oven and fold towels.  And sew it goes----------

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  1. The retreat location is beautiful--so tranquil looking.

    I love the bag you made!


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